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Uma Uma Ramen originates from Fukuoka, and the brand comes with more than 65 years of ramen-making experience. Ramen broth, an ancient craft, can be an art form and is made, at its best, by carefully boiling pork bones until they yield a velvety, luscious liquid gold. The flavoursome broth at Uma Uma Ramen is labour of love and has already gained a cult following.

Not to be missed are their other creations like the delectable Tan Tan Men, with sesame base, minced pork and chilli oil, an inventive version of Chinese dan dan noodles, with a slight kiss of heat.

The ramen is firm, they retain a bit of crunch and a satisfying sweetness that plays perfect foil to a glossy swipe of chili oil and a wispy tangle of fried shallots, guaranteed to please even the most discerning of taste buds. This is perfectly palatable ramen that cuts straight to the chase.

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Uma Uma Ramen, #02-06, Millenia Walk Nihon Food Street
Tel: 6837 0827

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday (11.30am – 10pm) / Sunday (11.30am – 9.30pm)

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