Dosukoi Sakaba

By Amos Chin | 05 April, 2019 | JCB Dining 2019, Uncategorized
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If you’re looking for authenticity perhaps Dosukoi Sakaba is the place to be. Upon entering the eatery you’ll be greeted with an intimate seating arrangement bathed in warm lighting; you might even imagine Japanese salarymen huddled over a drink as they dine on traditional Japanese fare. Dosukoi remains a bit of a little-known establishment, but its been around for a long time and has its dedicated regulars. Their food items will definitely be familiar to you: takoyaki, grilled salmon, agedashi tofu, sashimi, tempura, and the like. Also worth checking out is their large array of sake, beer and other spirits, all from Japan. Now they’ve also come to be known for their Chanko Nabe, a popular hotpot dish consumed by sumo wrestlers due to its high nutritional and caloric content. Naturally, you won’t have to feast on it alone; filled with chicken, pork, lots of vegetables and a hearty stock, it is a perfect dish to share among family and friends.

JCB Cards: 30% off total food bill with min. spend of S$100

150 Orchard Road #03-25/27 Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841
Tel: 6732 8719
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