Five Reasons to go for JW Marriott’s “Taste The Moment”

JW Marriott's pan-Asia culinary campaign is bringing cuisine, culture and class to The Little Red Dot.

By Hung Ping Lee | 12 March, 2018 | Contest, Hot Deals, Promos, Trending
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Chef Stefano Di Salvo, Executive Chef JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach
Chef Stefano Di Salvo, Executive Chef JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

“I eat, therefore I am.”

I am going out on a limb here and putting myself at risk of butchering René Descartes’ famous line, but you cannot deny that there is a shred of truth here. Food has always been a fundamental aspect of human experience. And food goes way beyond what you find on the plate. Restaurateurs, chefs and critics alike have argued since time immemorial that the act of eating is a comprehensive experience – one that encompasses not just food, but service, setting, history and culture.

Chef Thomas Liang, Executive Chef JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou
We experience food in moments of vivid colour, aroma and sound (featuring Executive Chef of JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou, Thomas Liang)

Now, JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts is inviting diners on a gastronomic journey Taste the Moment, as part of “Taste of JW”, a pan-Asia culinary campaign showcasing cuisine and culture. This distinctive culinary festival will feature six world-class chefs from across Asia Pacific and expert partners sharing their passions through a curated collection of extraordinary dining experiences, masterclasses and workshops designed to surprise and delight at every moment. Here are five reasons not to give this event a miss:

1. International pedigree

Taste of JW has been all over Asia Pacific, from Beijing to Seoul, Hanoi and many more with their previous events:  Taste the Art, Taste the Tradition and Taste the Journey. Singapore isn’t the first on the list and most certainly won’t be the last.

Five Reasons to go for JW Marriott's "Taste The Moment" 3

2. Asia Pacific talent, here in Singapore

JW Marriott will be bringing a grand total of six of their internationally-acclaimed chefs from across the Asia Pacific to Taste the Moment. These chefs have seen it all: from the glitz and glamour of cooking in a five-star establishment to the humble backstreet cuisine of their specific locales. They are:

  • Chef Thomas Liang (JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou)
  • Chef Pieter Fitz-Dreyer (JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong)
  • Chef Chotiphat Laisuwan (JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok)
  • Chef Sidharth Bhardwaj (JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort & Spa, India)
  • Chef Stefano Di Salvo (JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach)
  • Chef Muhammad Mutjahid Ahmad (JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa, Vietnam)

Experts from other fields (even a sound designer) will be gracing the event as well. Do keep a look out for them!

3. An excuse to supper (!!)

Scallops & Chorizo, presented by Chef Pieter
Scallops & Chorizo, presented by Chef Pieter Fitz-Dreyer as part of the Taste the Moment supper

Sometimes, supper can be the most memorable meal of the day; but it’s calorie-stacking effects have more often than not have made it prohibitively sinful. Now, you have the perfect excuse: to watch internationally acclaimed chefs Chef Thomas Liang, Chef Pieter Fitz-Dreyer, and Chef Chotiphat Laisuwan come together to knock up a five-course supper, just for you. Expect a mash-up of styles and influences, with each chef bringing a different dish to the table–like double-boiled soup from chef Liang, and scallops with chorizo from chef Fitz-Dreyer.

Chef Gee preparing the Coconut Tiramisu
Chef Chotiphat Laisuwan preparing the Coconut Tiramisu

Interacting with all of diners’ five senses, this uniquely stimulating supper will incorporate visual storytelling, performances, and music into the dining experience. Explore and be inspired by the versatility and craft of cuisine through this immersive dinner that challenges the limits of what a dining experience can be.

This supper will be available on 24 and 25 March as part of the Indulge package ($198 per pax) that includes the supper, one workshop/masterclass and access to the courtyard. 

JW Marriott Singapore's South Beach Establishment amidst the bustling city centre
All Taste the Moment events will be at JW Marriott Singapore’s South Beach establishment

4. It’s not just about the food

Sometimes, we just need a breather from all the eating. Taste the Moment is offering a variety of workshops that highlight some aspects of dining not about the dishes – I’m talking about the visuals, sound and aromas of what is served up on a plate. Expect to leave here richer in the mind and not the waistline. Workshops include, but are not limited to:

  • Sound Bites, an audio-based workshop hosted by sound designer Sara Lenzi, where guests are brought through carefully curated experiential zones that each highlight a different taste paired with different audio elements to create a whole new experience.
  • The Art of Plating, a plating workshop that will teach guests how to create balanced and beautiful-looking dishes through the principles of food plating.
  • Inhale to Heal, a workshop in aromatherapy by Aromatherapy Associates that will help diners discover how the power of scent can enhance holistic well-being.
  • Grape Expectations, a workshop by Treasury Wine Estate demonstrating the art of winemaking, and the ins-and-outs of wine rating systems. There’ll also be a blind tasting session of award-winning wines, including labels from esteemed producers Penfolds and Beringer.

These workshops will be available on 24 and 25 March as part of the Enrich package ($58 per pax) that includes the one workshop/masterclass and access to the courtyard. 

The shaving of truffles in For the Love of Truffles
The shaving of truffles in For the Love of Truffles

5. A chance to learn from the best

What better way is there to bring your culinary knowledge to the next level than to learn from some of the chef greats out there? Taste the Moment will also be featuring masterclasses hosted by international chefs from the JW Marriott Hotel Group. Come curious and you will be rewarded with wisdom in the culinary arts. You can:

  •  Unearth the origins of truffles at For the Love of Truffles, as Chef Stefano Di Salvo demonstrates how this prized ingredient can transform a dish from good to extraordinary.
  • Or be the first to taste the delightful flavors of Phu Quoc at the Hidden Island Delights masterclass, where Chef Muhammad Mutjahid Ahmad will guide you through a culinary journey inspired by this emerging Southeast Asian hot spot.
  • At the Nourish to Flourish masterclass, Chef Sidharth Bhardwaj will share his passion for eating well with dishes that deliver nutritional benefits with big flavor.

These masterclasses will be available on 24 and 25 March as part of the Enrich package ($58 per pax) that includes the one workshop/masterclass and access to the courtyard. 

Chef Sidharth Bhardwaj plating his dishes in Nourish to Flourish
Chef Sidharth Bhardwaj plating his dishes in Nourish to Flourish

SALT is giving away a pair of tickets for the Indulge package (worth $396) at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach‘s Taste The Moment Culinary Festival! Tickets entitle you to a one-of-a-kind supper experience, a choice of workshop/masterclass, and access to the Courtyard.

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For full event information and booking, please visit Taste of JW’s website.

30 Beach Road, Singapore 189763. Tel: +65 6818 1888
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