Raffles Spa

Reminiscing the splendour of colonial architecture, Raffles hotel facade is paradise. Arriving at the hotel's gravel roundabout, the iconic Sikh doorman, in his splendid turban and crisp military uniform welcomes your presence with the warmest smile. As you enter the hotel lobby, be prepared to get enchanted by the grandeur of the modern colonial chic. 

Guests have to access the spa through the charming hallway of the picturesque palm garden that stands in awe of the grandiose cast-iron fountain. Engulfed in greenery, the ambience exudes a sense of tranquillity. Raffles Spa is secluded in the revitalised Raffles Arcade, promising to take guests on the journey of luxurious pampering and rejuvenation.

Designed by renowned New York based interior design firm, Champalomaud, the seven treatment suites, each named after gemstone, channelled the best representation of a luxurious spa.  The soothing warm glow of filtered soft amber lighting mellow down senses where subconsciously cultivate an idea of volume speaks no louder than whisper.

It would feel foolish not to take advantage of the facilities. A ten to fifteen minutes dip in the tastefully decorated hot tub alleviates tense muscles that ensure a complete sense of relaxation. To optimize outcome of the holistic journey, immerse in the high temperature and humidity of the sauna, promote deep cleansing of pores during overall perspiration. Settling in the mist of an aromatic steam room for a substantial period, claims to minimize breathing congestion. In between the changes of facilities, splashes of freezing crushed ice, garnered at the ice fountain help achieve mental clarity and release emotional hindrance.

Guided by the highly experienced and qualified therapist -Josephine, an arrangement of 'Raffles Signature Gemstone Massage' treatment is raved to melt muscles and activate the sluggish circulation. The Gemstone Healing technology uses various heated gemstones and crystals, incorporated with organic botanical ingredients and gem infused oil, apparently harnessing positive energy that accentuate healing properties to the body during the movement of the massage procedure. Comfortably warmed by the thermal bed, the whole session was thoughtfully conceived and sensitively executed.

Promising height of indulgence, consider an uplifting facial with a range of renowned skincare products- ISUN. Formulated to reboot your integumentary system that regenerates celestial glow.