Fruiturday: Thailand’s popular smoothie brand has arrived in Singapore

Known for their fresh quality ingredients and quirky flavours, Fruiturday's bringing the Thai smoothie craze to our island.

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Originally conceived in Thailand in 2014 and now brought to our island by a group of fruit-fanatic Singaporeans, Fruiturday is a smoothie chain that prides itself with using the freshest of ingredients, with no artificial sweeteners added.

Fruiturday: the Thai smoothie craze coming to Singapore 1
Mango Sago Shake

What we really appreciate is the brand’s staunch commitment to importing its fruits – namely the mangoes and baby coconuts – straight from Thailand. This focus on authenticity means that the popular flavours that originally propelled Fruiturday to fame in Thailand are now available, as unadulterated as possible, for us to try here in Singapore. Their commitment to consistency and quality extends to how they ripen their fruits for their drinks – stacking specific fruits with each other and using particular storage conditions.

On offer at Fruiturday are a variety of flavours, all with a distinctive twist that distinguishes this brand from the average blended fruit stall you see out there.

Fruiturday: the Thai smoothie craze has arrived in Singapore
Mango Sticky Rice Shake

We were most impressed with the Mango Sticky Rice Shake ($6.90), Fruiturday’s flagship product, which celebrates everybody’s favourite Thai dessert through the combination of sharp tangy Thai mango and rich house-made sticky rice. The sticky rice is made fresh every morning in a semi-traditional cooking process that takes over 3 hours, and as a result, orders for the Mango Sticky Rice Shake are limited to around 40 cups a day. This freshly-made rice really comes through in the overall taste of the shake, and the chewy granules of sticky rice provide a welcome texture to the drink.

Fruiturday: the Thai smoothie craze coming to Singapore 3
Mango Delight Shake

The Mango Delight Shake ($5.90) is a fresh twist on the enduring flavours of mango and strawberry. The two differently flavoured shakes are layered in a cup to give a two-toned creation of vibrant yellow and red. You can get a definite taste of both individual fruits, but the real magic happens when you blend the mix with Fruiturday’s signature moustached straw, so you get a layered blast of both fruity flavours. Of course, it is up to you how much to stir the shake, after which you could end up with something that resembles a mango and strawberry ripple or a fully-fledged fruit jamming straw-mango creation.

Fruiturday: the Thai smoothie craze coming to Singapore 4
Pearple and Mixed Berries Smoothie

Two more creations that we tried were the Pearple (pear + apple, $3.90) and Mixed Berries Smoothie ($4.90). These drinks appeal to the more traditional fruit smoothie drinker: the Pearple is a comparatively light shake that you works well as an afternoon refresher, while the Mixed Berries Smoothie is a blended yoghurt drink to order when you want something more substantial.

Fruiturday is a relatively new brand in Singapore, having only opened its first outlet in Northpoint at the beginning of December 2017. There are plans to expand to other heartland malls, most notably NEX, JEM and Tampines by the end of 2018.

1 Northpoint Drive, #B2-146 Northpoint City South Wing, Singapore 768019.

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