What to buy at Ryan’s Grocery

Gluten-free and preservatives-free food products and a wide range of organic meats!

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Ryan's Grocery

What happens when you find out that your son has an intolerance to dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, eggs, yeast and certain types of fruits and vegetables; and there are very little food products on the market to cater to his intolerances? For Wendy Foo and her husband Sebastian Chia, that meant numerous trips to Australia to personally source for meats and products directly from farms and farmer’s markets. Along the way, they developed relationships with several small batch specialist producers and eventually decided to open up Ryan’s Grocery (named after their son) to bring in these specialty products to support a growing community of customers with food intolerances.

Tucked in the quiet neighbourhood of Binjai Park, Ryan’s Grocery carries gluten-free, preservative-free and organic produce. Some gluten-free grocery that cannot be found elsewhere include Ayam brand gluten-free soy sauce, Rick Grant’s pre-mixes flour, Busy Bee cookies and Silly Yak Food’s range of bakery goods that comprises quiches, tarts, biscuits, muffins, cakes, pizza bases, baguettes and dinner rolls. Ryan’s Grocery’s full on-site service butchery also retails organic, free-range, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and preservative-free meats sourced from Australia and the U.S. They even make their own sausages; they currently have over 15 varieties available, with flavours such as chicken cheese, farmhouse pork, organic beef steak and merlot, and traditional lamb.

Here’s what to stock up on:

Latasha's Kitchen

Latasha’s Kitchen’s range of concentrated pastes, gourmet condiments and chutneys

Many gluten-free and preservative-free pastes and condiments on the shelves tend to cater to more Western palates. Thankfully there’s Latasha’s Kitchen, whose products are heavily influenced by Indian and South East Asian flavours. There’s curry pastes like Singaporean laksa, Malaysian satay, Thai massaman and Indian madras, as well as tandoori and masala pastes, relishes and chutneys.

Three Farmer's Golden Quinoa

Three Farmers Quinoa’s Golden Quinoa

High in protein and fiber; an excellent source of calcium, manganese and magnesium; containing strong levels of several B group vitamins, vitamin E and dietary fibre; loaded with anti-oxidants, and a fantastic wheat-free alternative, quinoa is no doubt one of the most popular superfoods around. The folks at Three Farmers Quinoa have managed to sustainably grow and adapt quinoa to Australian soil and conditions. Their gluten-free and sun-ripened Golden Quinoa is super tasty and softly textured with a subtle nutty flavour.

Colmena Jarrah Honey

Colmena Pure Honey’s Jarrah Honey

Make way manuka, you’re not the only nutrition-rich honey on the market; Jarrah honey has been found to have one of the highest antioxidant, antibacterial and antimicrobial levels in the world. Colmena is a small family run business with several hives located around Western Australia and their seasonal premium signature honey is Jarrah honey produced from honey bees that collect nectar from the flowering West Australian Jarrah tree in the Jarrah forest of Dwellingup.

Borrowdale pork

Borrowdale Pork

Through their onsite butcher, Ryan’s Grocery retails hormone- and antibiotic-free, free-range Borrowdale Pork from Queensland Australia. Sourced from a single family owned 10,000 acre farm, the pigs are raised in a stress-free environment with the freedom to forage, truffle and play, while being fed a balanced diet that closely matches that of their wild ancestor. These happy pigs translate to exceptionally flavoured premium pork, of which Ryan’s Grocery dedicated butcher provides a variety of different cuts, from pork chops to loin and ribs.

Blackwood Valley beef

Blackwood Valley Organic Beef

Blackwood Valley cattle are raised and finished in a grass-fed, low-stress natural herd environment on the fertile pastures of the Blackwood Valley, free of any artificial growth hormones and antibiotics. As the cattle is exclusively grass-fed, the farm is certified organic, meaning the pastures are grown as naturally as possible and completely free of any chemical inputs. This guarantees and enhances the eating quality of Blackwood Valley beef and makes it distinctive from other organic beef available.

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