Udon Kamon

By Amos Chin | 02 April, 2019 | JCB Dining 2019
2019-04-02 12:24:51 2019-04-15 12:28:25

The ‘kamon’ in the restaurant’s name refers to the Japanese concept of the family crest, which is used to indicate origin, family lineage and status. In a way, their kamon is the famous Sanuki udon, characterized by its square shape and flat edges whose popularity grew out of the Shikoku region and spread to the rest of Japan. Made fresh daily with Japanese wheat flour, they have a repertoire of broths to accompany their springy noodles, from the traditional shoyu-based dashi to their house specialty Japanese spicy magma. What makes their broths a cut above the rest is the use of premium bonito imported direct from Kagoshima that has been aged for at least two years. Signature dishes to try are their Prawn Tonkotsu Udon ($14.80++)  and the tantalising Magma Spicy Udon ($13.80++).

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3 Temasek Boulevard #03-315 Eat at Seven, Suntec City Mall, Tower 1, Singapore 038983
Tel: 6266 5338

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