SAMA Curry and Cafe

By Amos Chin | 02 April, 2019 | JCB Dining 2019
2019-04-02 12:04:16 2019-04-12 17:12:53

Everyone’s heard of Japanese curry. But what about soup curry? A Sapporo original, soup curry was first served in 1970 as a perfect accompaniment to the cold climate of Hokkaido. Now, it has now become a popular dish across the country and internationally.

Every restaurant has its own unique recipe. SAMA’s spicy, peppery soup base is loaded with meat and vegetables served with best specialty “yumepirika” rice from Hokkaido itself. Aside from the traditional broth, diners will also get to choose flavourful variations such as tomato, coconut and shrimp. Toppings are also customisable, with one of the most popular options being kakuni, also known as Japanese braised pork. There are also up to 30 levels of spice to choose from, so from those who might be a little skittish over a tingling tongue to heatseekers, everyone will be able to enjoy themselves.

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