Inaniwa Yosuke

By Amos Chin | 19 March, 2019 | JCB Dining 2019
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Udon noodles at Inaniwa Yosuke come at a premium price: that’s no surprise, since each batch takes about 4 days to make. Kneaded, formed, stretched and cut all by hand, every strand is put under meticulous inspection to weed out the imperfect ones. This rigorous attention to detail is part of their time-honoured technique.

In Japan, Inaniwa’s udon is culinary establishment of its own. The closely-guarded recipe was conceived in 1665 by the Sato Yosuke family and reserved only for Imperial service. However, it became available to the public in 1860 and has since been renowned for its impeccable thinness and smoothness. Now available to be enjoyed in Singapore, its world-famous quality remains undiminished. You can enjoy the noodles on its own, or with a variety of accompaniments like sashimi and their traditional broth.

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Valid for dine-in from Monday to Thursday, 11am – 10pm and Friday, 11am – 5pm only.

435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria #04-45, Singapore 238877 Tel: 6262 3279

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