Don & Tori

By Amos Chin | 02 April, 2019 | JCB Dining 2019
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For Don & Tori, reinvention is at the height of their concept as they strip away the stuffy ways of old traditions to execute modern Japanese cuisine. Their menu features what many would consider commonplace dishes by their titles: donburi bowls, maki rolls and yakimono, but a closer look will reveal the innovation behind the ingredients and flavours used. Necessary to try is their Sakura Ebi Angel Hair Pasta ($32) and the Truffle Wagyu Foie Gras Don ($38). For those looking for something more distinctive, they also carry a seasonal menu led by fresh flown-in produce straight from Tsukiji Fish Market, including rich plates of sashimi. Chase up your meal with a cup of sake or a sake-based cocktail; that satisfactory warmth in your stomach from dining at Don & Tori is definitely one of a kind.

JCB Cards: 15% off min. spend of S$400 inclusive of 720ml bottle of sake

74 Tras Street, Singapore 079013 Tel: 9811 7888
Contact: [email protected]

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