Coffee with Faye Sai & Manbeer Singh

Meet: Manbeer Singh

Business runs in his family, but it was really career burnout that brought Manbeer into the F&B industry. In 2016, the ex-lawyer traded in his power suits to open 3rd Culture Brewing Co at Maxwell Food Centre. His mission: curate good-quality craft beers at affordable prices. Business has since expanded to a second stall at Old Airport Road Food Centre, and both outlets frequently run sell-out events, such as tap takeovers and hawker food pairings. The brand has exciting plans ahead, including a rebranding exercise and (finally!) the launch of their own brewery in the third quarter of this year.

Meet: Faye Sai

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Together with her siblings Jack and Anna, Faye runs a popular coffee-and-toast stall at Amoy Street Food Centre, called Coffee Break. Every weekday from 7.30am to 2.30pm, the trio can be found pulling brews and grilling breads whilst chatting up customers, mostly regulars working nearby in the CBD area. The stall specialises in traditional Nanyang kopi brewed using robusta beans, but they’ve also gained a loyal following for unique innovations such as sea salt caramel latte and wholemeal toast slathered with earl grey crème. It’s fun adding a “modern twist”, say the third-generation hawkers, who took over the business in 2009 and are branching into a second stall at Hong Lim Food Centre.