In The Pantry With Rosalyn Lee @heyrozz

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The insides of a person’s refrigerator have long been the subjects of voyeuristic fascination.

It has long been a subject of psychological debate. Can we truly know a person just by looking into his refrigerator or pantry? For many, the answer is a resounding yes. In those oddly intimate snapshots into a celebrity’s inner world, we find that everything and anything can possibly mean something. Forage through the rows of yogurt, a half-eaten banana, leftovers from the previous day and a single can of beer, even the smallest of items can signify something.

Can the pantry be the key to understanding the psyche of a human? Could it lead a deeper understanding of a person? We decide to raid ex LUSH 99.5FM Radio presenter Rosalyn Lee’s (better known as Rozz) fridge and find out if there are any skeletons lurking deep within! We snoop, we pry, and we certainly made some interesting discoveries.


What is the strangest thing you have ever kept in your fridge?

Human Faeces. I had to do a medical test and the doctor needed my faeces. I had to go home to wait because I hadn’t yet felt the urge. At 3am, the feeling came and I went to the toilet. I kept the faeces in the refrigerator because it needed to be cold, so I could give it to the doctor the next day.

What is the most annoying food term used today?

Unctuous. Everyone is using it!

What can you not live without in your fridge?

Butter. And Lime. So, I can fix my mojitos.

We later learnt that Rosalyn, who loves her drinks, fixes a really solid gin and tonic. Made with fresh cranberries and mint leaves. Her collection of spirits is nothing short of wicked. We were impressed. And very thirsty. Rosalyn proceeds to pull out something curious from her fridge. It is a bottle of Emu oil, gifted by her friend who was travelling in Australia. We are informed that this miraculous oil is supposed to good for itches and allergies. Suitably fascinated by this new discovery, we soon find ourselves rubbing copious amount of the oil on our elbows and skin, waiting for its wondrous effects to kick in. We hungrily spy some Magnum at the corner of her fridge. She tells us that she cannot live without it. We fight our greedy urges to ask for some. Can’t blame us. It is Magnum after all!


Since ages ago, the insides of refrigerators have been the subject of voyeuristic fascination, as queer as that might sound. Fine-art photographer Mark Menjivar has an entire series capturing fridge contents showcasing their dispassionate beauty. Each shot could possibly speak of the fridge owner’s personal story. Although after some sleuthing, we cannot say that we managed to delve deeper into the inner psyche of @heyrozz, we certainly had an enjoyable afternoon indulging in our voyeuristic fantasies. Oh, and not forgetting that lovely gin and tonic (especially that) too.

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