Carlyn Law Turns Food into Art

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Hi Carlyn, tell us a little about yourself!

I’ve been drawing and doodling since young and scored distinction in Art at the ‘A' Levels. I didn't pursue art as a career but remained a creative soul, pouring my creativity into a writing and communications career, and hobbies like photography, drawing and cooking. When I left my job as a director at a Public Relations agency in 2014 to focus on motherhood, I found time for art again and started drawing and painting.

What's the creative process that goes behind each illustration?

My drawings are mainly inspired by what I eat, cook for my family and baby, and what I find in nature. I call my craft "Eat To Draw" because I love food and art, and cooking inspires me to draw! Usually I'm inspired by the ingredients and I will form images using ink pen and watercolour paint.

Any artists or illustrators that you draw inspiration from?

I love the works of several illustrators and am constantly inspired by them, but what inspire me the most are studying food, ingredients, appreciating nature and animals, hence a lot of my illustrations and artwork features these subjects and landscapes. I also create interesting commentaries and quirky images based on buzzy news topics and happenings around the world such as the inauguration of Donald Trump and the Pokemon craze. One of my artwork has also been reposted on the HuffingtonPost Arts Instagram.

Favourite dish?

I have lots but my comfort food are always noodles, pasta and chicken rice!

Any big projects you're currently working on?

I will be launching my Fauna & Flora Illustration workshops in June at Within studio, where adults and kids can learn how to illustrate animals and plants, develop their creativity and drawing skills. For more details, follow me @eattodraw on Instagram.

*The interview has been edited for brevity.