F.A.T. Fridays At Millenia Walk

Millenia Walk brings a whole new definition to TGIF with their inaugural month-end celebration that incorporates Food, Art and Tunes.

By SALT Magazine | 25 September, 2017 | Food, Promos
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Millenia Walk's Park & Dine
Millenia Walk’s Park & Dine

What’s a Friday night without some fanfare? On 29 September 2017, the first in a series of month-end F.A.T. (Food, Art, Tunes) Fridays celebrations, Millenia Walk is here to offer you a little bit of everything – food, drinks, art, shopping, music, sports and games. Throughout the night, DJ Dodgy Yamamoto (Vinnie Quek) will be kicking it old school by scratching out new sounds with old vinyls. A music festival regular, he has shared the stage with industry heavyweights like Gilles Peterson and Blond:ish.

Look forward to intense footpool (football + pool) and beer pong games, with the incentive of winning $500 worth in dining and shopping vouchers while you do so. If you’ve been looking for a gym membership, TripleFit is giving away several prizes to those willing to try their hand at a deadball throw.

If you’ve always been interested in art, but never had the time to pursue it, F.A.T. Friday gives you the chance to do so at no cost. Head to Artefakts for a free art jamming workshop (first come first serve basis). For those who don’t want to get their hands dirty, take them for a pampering instead at Novu, which is providing free manicures. Along the way, pick up locally-made artisanal goods at the artisan market by Togetherly. 

Australian wagyu rump steak with crispy fries at Fumée by Habanos
Australian wagyu rump steak with crispy fries at Fumée by Habanos

The pièce de résistance of F.A.T Fridays is undoubtedly their dining promotions. Make a trip down to Fumée by Habanos to enjoy their live music. The 3-in-1 deli, whisky bar and restaurant is offering one glass of Henry Abele Champagne brut with an oyster at $12. If you prefer cocktails with an extra kick, you can get 2 Redbull cocktails or 2 Jim Beam cocktails at $16.

Over at The Queen’s Inglish Pub, you’ll find modern riffs of English pub grub with influences from various Commonwealth nations. Their beer towers are going at discounted prices; the Steinlager, Pure is $45, and the Corona and Mac’s Great white are both $50.

Contemporary Swiss cuisine restaurant the Wine Universe Restaurant & Wine Bar is holding a not-to-be-missed promotion on F.A.T Friday – hot dogs (chicken or pork), Raclette cheese (served with baby potatoes, baby onions and gherkins), glasses of red, white, rosé and even pints of Belgium beer Heverlee are all going for $10!

All the ramens available at Uma Uma
All the ramens available at Uma Uma

At Uma Uma, selected yakitori is going for $3 each, with a choice of any 4 at only $8. Their Charsiu Don is $5, and promotions are also available on cocktails from The Horse’s Mouth. Just beside Millenia Walk is The Terrace, Conrad Centennial Singapore. Kick back and soak in the luxe atmosphere with gin-spired gin & tonics at $15 – plus, enjoy 40% off all mooncakes when you mention ‘F.A.T. Mooncakes’.

9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596. Tel: +65 6883 1122 

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