Be Transported To The Beautiful Fields Of Provence At Vianney Massot

The meal was every bit as delicious as Chef’s soulful brown eyes.

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Those soft, soulful brown eyes were the first thing we noticed as he greeted us.

Superficial, yes. But we were charmed. We knew the meal was going to be good. It had to be good.

Do not let his youthful good looks belie you. Beyond his youthful exterior, wunderkind Chef Vianney Massot can be considered a prodigy of sorts, having risen through the ranks in Bordeaux, France at two Michelin-starred La Grande Maison de Joël Robuchon Restaurant before following the much respected ‘chef of the century’ Joël Robuchon on his travels.

Despite his young age, the passionate and ambitious chef puts his mastery of French techniques to good use, whipping up dishes that showcase the best original flavours of peak-season produce. Massot kickstarted his career as an apprentice cook at three Michelin-starred Restaurant Epicure in Le Bristol Paris, alongside celebrated chef Eric Frechon. He then became the youngest chef in the legendary Joël Robuchon Group and brings with him a rich nine-year experience of honing his craft under the tutelage of the French juggernaut. He then took over the top position of Executive Chef at the now-defunct two Michelin-starred L’Atelier Joël Robuchon Singapore. He is now the Executive Chef and Executive Director of Vianney Massot Restaurant.

Vianney Massot unveils a brand-new identity for his prestigious restaurant at 39 Hong Kong Street. The talented 27-year-old chef who helms this contemporary French fine-dining restaurant seeks to pay tribute to the timeless heritage of French cuisine while also infusing it with a touch of modernity through innovative presentations and adaptation of local ingredients.

Like an auteur, Chef Vianney expresses his culinary creativity and orchestrates every aspect of the dining experience. The produce-driven menu will be changed every quarter. It will continue to celebrate some of Vianney Massot’s signature dishes while incorporating new dishes inspired by seasonal ingredients such as morels, asparagus, petit pois(small peas), and Gariguette strawberries.

Menu du Printemps 2019

Every great meal starts with bread.

Carb-lovers will take refuge in the fact that the restaurant serves three different types of freshly baked breads and pastries, which are made from scratch in the kitchen. These include mini baguette, comte cheese bread and mini croissant. These breads are served with beillevaire butter and fleur de sel on the side.

A tantalising Amuse bouche follows: Le Caviar Impérial. Imperial caviar from Sologne is served on a delicate symphony of petit pois in a riot of colours! Pleasing on the tongue and equally so on the eyes.

In France, Germany and other pockets of Europe, the white asparagus, plump and shiny, heralds the arrival of spring. The French claim to have cultivated this prized ingredient as early as the Renaissance. Louis XIV grew asparagus in his Versailles hothouses. Manet painted the white version with purple tips and Proust waxed lyrical about the asparagus in “Swann’s Way.” It is so highly revered as a part of the French table, of French history and culture. The star of the L’Asperge Blanche de Provence is an entire white asparagus, placed atop yellow egg mimosa, which sits in a coulis made with white asparagus. The white asparagus is stuffed with imperial caviar from Sologne and live king crab from North Hokkaido. The esteemed white asparagus from Provence does not disappoint. It is absolutely divine to say the least.

The La Morille de Printemps is a devilishly delicious creation. The earthy morel is stuffed with duxelles of morel mushrooms, diced Japanese daikon, chervil, foie gras and white mushroom. It is served with a creamy and addictive emulsion sauce made with morel stock and butter.

The ultimate showstopper is the Le Homard de Pleine Mer. The famed blue lobster from the seacoast of Brittany is prized for its succulent flavour and firm texture. The live lobster is roasted with salted butter, then served with green asparagus sauce flavoured with Château-Chalon.

A palate cleanser is served before dessert, featuring watermelon infused with timut pepper, minty cucumber granite and light yoghurt sorbet.

All good things must come to an end, and it is imperative that they end with dessert. The Le Nid d’Abeille is inspired by the spring season, featuring crispy meringue with honey parfait, refreshing lemon sorbet, yuzu mousse and honey and thyme jelly.

This special seasonal menu will be available throughout lunch and dinner till end June.

Be transported to the beautiful fields of Provence through your imagination as you discover a unique menu that both fascinates and enchants with its incredible virtuosity.

Looks like we were right. The meal was every bit as delicious as Chef’s soulful brown eyes.

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