Tenjin – A Fresh, Simple Tendon Concept in the Heart of Town

No fuss, no frills, no problem.

By Joshua Ng | 31 July, 2019 | Food, New Openings, Restaurants
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A new Japanese tempura donburi concept cuts its ribbon in the heart of town. Coming to you from the Les Amis Group, Tenjin has officially opened on the 3rd floor of Shaw Centre, along Scotts Road. The concept specialises in serving up excellence in the form of tempura donburi – otherwise known simply as tendon.

At Tenjin, the minimalist interior reflects the clean simplicity of their menu; With no frills and a fuss-free dining experience in mind, you can only find tempura donburi for mains. The restaurant takes a straightforward approach to their menu design and curation, electing not to overload their diners with too many choices. As such, only 3 types of tendons are offered on their menu, where generous pieces of seafood and vegetable tempura are served atop a bed of fluffy Hoshi-Jirushi rice all the way from the Ibaraki prefecture, just northeast of Tokyo, Japan. This selection of 3 tendons is just enough to gratify your hunger pangs.

The Yasai Bowl ($12.80) comprises 5 different kinds of vegetable tempura that change according to the seasons. This means the occasional wedge of sweet pumpkin during the winter season, or plump aubergines in autumn and a refreshing mix of sweet and slightly bitter vegetables.

Jo Bowls ($14.80) see the addition of ebi tempura with some vegetables, complete with a Freedom Range egg. Finally, the Toku-Jo Bowl ($22.80) is a premium feast of seafood and vegetable tempura, boasting the likes of anago (eel), crab leg, prawn and fish tempura. Tempura batters are light and crispy, which provides just enough crunch to the ingredient without dampening its taste. Isn’t that what good tempura is all about?

Each main is served with miso soup and Kyabetsu salad.

Also available on the menu are sides such as Truffle Chawanmushi ($3.80), a familiar Japanese dish of wobbly steamed egg custard topped with truffle, and sake for your meal should you desire so.

Reservations are only available from Tuesdays to Fridays at 11.30am, 11.45am, 6pm and 6.15pm.

Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road #03-08, Singapore 228208

Tel: +65 6235 3312

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