A Secret Hidden World Serving Exotic Delights Such As Dragon Claw And Crocodile…

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You walk into a kitchen. Feeling thirsty, you decide to grab a cold drink and you head over to the fridge. You reach for the handle and you open the fridge. What you see next is completely unexpected. Beyond the door, you see a mysterious dark corridor, leading to somewhere. You feel like one of the leading characters in a story book. Maybe ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ by C. S. Lewis. Or maybe one of the players in a fantasy role-playing game. Proceed or not to proceed, that is the question.

Unbeknownst to you, a secret world lies hidden behind those doors.

In Singapore, somewhere along an unassuming kopitiam along Circular Road, an enchanted world lies surreptitiously concealed behind a fridge. As you boldly throw open the fridge door, you find yourself being plunged into another otherworldly realm. A secret society known as The Dragon Chamber, speakeasy restaurant and bar.

The Dragon Chamber is more than just a Chinese restaurant where guests come to dine and then leave. Right off the bat, it offers an immersive experience, one filled with intrigue. The entire place revels in shadows, calling to mind a secret Chinese opium den in the early twentieth century. The walls are covered with artworks from local and regional artists such as Sabotage, Mister Tucks and Riandy Karuniawan, referencing past and recent Chinese traditions.

Get ready for a selection of adventurous dishes that are not for the faint of heart.

The menu, which pushes the boundaries and traditions of Chinese cuisine, features rather unorthodox items like crocodile feet and even crocodile penis!

Dishes are generously portioned and presented communal style. Take a gamble with new dishes such as Dragon Mountain, which is a treasure trove of fried whole lobsters, tossed with crispy garlic, crushed fermented soybeans, sliced chillies and Sichuan peppercorns. The flavours are as brazen as the lightning and many of the dishes burn with chili. Searingly bright and bristling with life.

For people who enjoy living life on the edge and venturing out of their comfort zone, there will be a gamut of exciting culinary options for you. Served with a savoury fish sauce blend, the unique Roasted Pig Tail is a flavoursome offering. Do not let its name put you off. This dish is utterly delicious. Fat-insulated meat is encased within lusciously charred skin and served with crunchy and refreshing lettuce wraps that help to balance the meaty indulgence. The Dragon Claw is a showstopper fit for the brave —the foot of a Singapore-farmed crocodile is soused in braised herbal sauce and perched on a bed of kale.

Equally mind-blowing is the D*** Soup, which features crocodile penis in a chicken-and pork-based soup that has been double-boiled for six hours. Any takers?

The new and improved Wagyu Truffle Beef Hor Fun showcases wok-fried flat noodles in a moreish truffle gravy. The noodles are topped with exquisite slices of A4 Kagoshima wagyu, crispy deep-fried hor fun strips and poached egg. With an almost perverse pleasure, a thrill of delight runs up the spine when one witnesses the perfectly poached egg breaking apart and its wobbly yolks running down the side, forming a delicious pool with the brown gravy.

This bowl is simply addictive, one scoop following another, disappearing as quickly as it was served. Sharing is encouraged as portions are huge, but you might decide not to after savouring its unforgettable taste.

The Dragon Chamber is not just a Chinese restaurant, but an immersive experience. This speakeasy restaurant and bar echo the sentiments of adventurous guests who endeavour to traverse the boundaries of traditions and Chinese food. It embodies the rebellious spirit of creation and for those who are liberal enough to release all gastronomic inhibitions, this restaurant promises not to disappoint. In this no-rules suzerainty, relinquish all restraint and let your imagination run wild.

Address:2 Circular Road, Singapore 049358

Her talents/skills sets include having a bottomless pit of a stomach and doing an impressive Chinese split, attributes that will certainly make her highly sought after among employers. (Or so she hopes) She promises not to bite… unless you are a juicy piece of pork lard.