Sambal Lobster Only At Burger & Lobster Singapore. Yay Or Nay?

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The Taste Test: Is Burger & Lobster Singapore Comparable To London?


Chances are, if you have been to London, Burger & Lobster must have been on your dining shortlist.

Hop over to the outlet at Covent Garden during dinner time and the queues are practically snaking all the way to the end of the street. Expect a wait time of about 2 hours at least (and that’s being conservative). This is a testament to how popular this London-born dining hotspot is.

Singaporeans are resilient bunch though, and we have no qualms about queuing for our food (or Hello Kitties). 2 hours? No problem. We will bring the stools.

The phenomenal Burger & Lobster chain has finally (at long last) launched its first restaurant at Singapore’s latest iconic landmark, Jewel Changi Airport.

Located at Canopy Park, Jewel’s topmost floor, diners of the much-anticipated Burger & Lobster establishment are treated to spectacular views of the Shiseido Forest Valley as they dine amidst verdant foliage. The majestic HSBC Rain Vortex, situated at the heart of Jewel, also elevates and enhances the overall dining experience, as guests are treated to a magnificent spectacle as they wine and dine (literally) under the stars.

Its famed Original Roll– tender lobster meat enveloped in a buttery, toasted brioche roll, promises a burst of flavour and texture in every bite, and is a carb-lover’s dream come true.

For purists, the Original Lobster is a mammoth beauty, presenting guests with the sweet freshness of live Atlantic lobsters flown in from Nova Scotia, Canada. Choose to have these succulent crustaceans served either steamed or grilled, with both options accompanied by a side salad and fries. Be warned, the fries are addictive. Lobsters are always great, but these are even better with the delicious lemon garlic sauce.

As its name suggests, lobsters are not the only star in the show, but the prime burgers are equally deserving of a mention as well. Comprising a juicy 170g grilled Nebraskan beef patty, The Mayfair is finished with house-made pickles, onions and a secret B&L burger sauce.

Why have chilli crab when you can have sambal lobster? As a special treat for Singapore, diners will be thrilled to know that the Sambal Glazed Lobster will be available exclusively at Jewel Singapore. This dish marries the signature lobster with sambal sauce, a beloved Singaporean favourite comprising a mildly spicy fusion of dried shrimp, chilli and Asian spices. The sweetness of the spicy sambal is the perfect complement to the briny, ocean flavours of the crustacean. Let’s face it, we love our sambal. It’s in our blood.

Expect an extensive beverage list, offering guests a plethora of choices, with highlights including tropical coolers such as the classic B&L Gin & Tonic and the Lillemoni, which features a bright combination of grapefruit, aperitif wine and tonic.

Can the Singapore outlet live up to all the hype generated by the original in London? We sure think so. The Sambal Glazed Lobster is already fast becoming a hit.

A unique mix of lush nature with urban energy, coupled with the restaurant’s beautiful handmade crackle-glazed tiles, and fresh lobster tanks for diners to feast their eyes on, make this a lovely, convivial spot for gatherings. Burger & Lobster has undoubtedly blazed its way into Singapore with its first outpost at Jewel and a second outlet following soon!

You heard us right. Second outlet.

Watch this space for more news and updates.

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