Restaurant Jag: The Peak Of Culinary Perfection

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Michelin Starred Jérémy Gillon Curates Positively Divine French Omakase Menu with Warmth and Gastronomic Savoir-Faire.


It’s hard to imagine anything in life better than ice-cream. But if there is anything better than ice-cream, it would be truffle mushroom ice-cream. Yes, you heard it right the first time. Strange? But trust us. It works. In the 26-seater French RESTAURANT JAG, anything goes.

The rules are simple. Step right in, share your dietary restrictions and put absolute trust in the Chef to whip up a storm.

This cozy restaurant is nestled along the enclave known as Duxton Road and is the brainchild of owner and highly respected dining industry leader Anant Tyagi and Michelin Star Chef Jérémy Gillon, who oozes with considerable charisma. Expect an unpretentious, warm and bespoke dining establishment, curating a culinary journey at the peak of perfection.

The feasting begins right at the door. But this time, with our eyes. Be transported into another world as your eyes are treated to the beautiful aesthetics of the restaurant. The ambience oozes with a quiet charm and understated luxury. The commitment to intricate details is evident at Restaurant JAG. From the custom wooden trolley from Singapore’s Kjung Woodwork, Stonework from Hot Spring Stone, another domestic supplier, glasswork from Kimura in Japan, each detail has been tailored to deliver a flawless dining experience for their guests. The open kitchen allows all guests the privilege of proximity and an intimate dining experience like never before.

Bursting with limitless talent, Chef Jérémy Gillon has a fierce love affair with his ingredients. He lets the 40 hand-selected herbs, spices, the vegetables, the seafood and meat dictate his menu each night. Where Omakase has gained an almost intimidating reputation with diners being held at the mercy of the Chef, Chef Jérémy takes delight in surprising and pleasuring his guests with his incredible talent and cheeky culinary twists.

Expect contrasting textures as Chef playfully experiments with the aromatic potential of each ingredient. Stimulating all five senses is important to Chef and he manipulates each ingredient in his own uniquely innovative fashion to extract the most unimaginable flavours and fragrances. Nightly, diners are intrigued by the different textures –smooth, luscious, silky to crunchy and different temperatures –playing with the heat and the cold.

I want to give the impression of simplicity. Fresh produce shown at its best and an assembly of tastes and textures.”

The food is impeccable. Carefully thought out dishes with intelligent twists. It starts with an addictive selection of freshly baked salty-sweet bread and a slab of butter that is simply divine. They say a table without bread is not a table, but bread is a table on its own.

We couldn’t agree more.

From Foie Gras, to Hokkaido scallops and even a lovely slab of venison accompanied by luscious strips of parsnips, everything is done to perfection. A preparation of modest delicacy and simple artfulness. Chef Jeremy creates a mean repertoire of indulgent items enough to challenge one’s duty to decorum.

The meal ends on a climactic note, with the truffle ice cream with fresh mushrooms accompanied by a dark chocolate ganache. This is the restaurant’s culinary calling card.

The first bite took me by surprise.

If you reckon yourself to be somewhat of an intrepid explorer when it comes to innovative flavours, the truffle ice-cream might be your undoing.

A seemingly strange combination, but it triumphs. It is completely addictive. The taste was reminiscent of a sweet and cold version of a delicious mushroom soup.

The chocolate was the perfect foil to the truffle mushroom. An unexpecting pairing, but nonetheless as harmonious as a Shakespearean sonnet.

Truffle ice cream is thought to be a century old recipe that can be found in vintage French cook books. There is nothing antique about the taste though.

The powerful aroma of truffles in a sweet, creamy form is mind-altering, and truly awesome. Never have I tasted ice-cream as intriguing as this. I am sorry Ben & Jerry’s (Chubby Hubby), but I guess we will have to break up now.

Her talents/skills sets include having a bottomless pit of a stomach and doing an impressive Chinese split, attributes that will certainly make her highly sought after among employers. (Or so she hopes) She promises not to bite… unless you are a juicy piece of pork lard.