New and innovative kitchen appliances to help elevate your cooking

Serious homecooks who want to up their game in the kitchen can look out for these new appliances

By Amy Van | 22 June, 2018 | Food, Kitchen Hacks
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Miele Hob unit and extractor
Miele’s TwoInOne induction hob with an integrated extractor: Steam and vapours are extracted downwards towards the centre of the product

Miele TwoInOne

If you’re thinking of renovating or upgrading your home kitchen, consider Miele’s high-performing, space-saving kitchen combi units. Now the leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances is boosting its line-up of products with the TwoInOne (KMDA  7774  FL) – induction hob with integrated extractor.

Ideal for contemporary, open-plan kitchens, the sleek TwoInOne comprises an 80 cm wide hob unit, as well as an extractor, framed by two variable PowerFlex zones. What’s great is that the extractor looks like a modern grille on the counter top. And discreetly hidden in a kitchen cabinet below are the technical components that allow recirculation or vented extraction. Furthermore, Miele’s TwoInOne features [email protected] 2.0′. – an automatic function that adjusts the power output of the extractor to what is actually cooking. At the end of cooking the extractor automatically switches itself off again.

As the TwoInOne extracts vapours and odours reliably and precisely, the air in your home is kept clean, plus you won’t have to worry about strong smells from your cooking. For grease separation, the appliance has a 10-ply stainless-steel grease filter that’s housed in an exclusive filter box. This can be removed easily and placed in a dishwasher for cleaning. Other highlights include the versatile  PowerFlex technology on the hob which allows two individual rings to join up automatically when large pots or pans are placed on the surface (permanent pan-size sensing).

Retail price for TwoInOne (KMDA  7774  FL) is approx. SGD$7,500 (excluding ducting system). For more information visit:

Electrolux kitchen appliance
Electrolux will be unveiling several new products including this CombiSteam SousVide Oven with Vacuum Sealer

Electrolux CombiSteam Sous Vide Oven with Vacuum Sealer

The new Electrolux CombiSteam  SousVide with Vacuum Sealer oven takes food preparation to a whole new level with the addition of a sous vide function  and  a built-in  vacuum  sealer. Besides the baking, grilling and roasting functions, this product provides homecooks with the option to prepare dishes sous vide style. As we know, this technique requires food to be vacuum-packed and then cooked in a water bath. With the  Electrolux CombiSteam SousVide Oven, your ingredients, such as beef and lamb, are cooked at low temperature to lock in and intensify flavours as well as maintain the juiciness and  texture.

There’s also a removable water container for you to replenish water for the steam function. An internal  thermometer ensures desired temperature and appropriate amount of time is set for the best results. The steam function  enables you to prepare other  steamed dishes with ease too. Another practical use of the steam is to loosen grease residue for easy cleaning.

Meanwhile, the Electrolux VacSealer is incorporated into the design of this oven; this makes it seamless for you to vacuum seal and transfer the bag. The versatile VacSealer is great for various vacuum packing jobs including fruit, vegetables, raw meats, cooked food, and even leftovers.

Furthermore, with the Vario Guide – at the touch of a finger, a full-colour screen display showcases 220 recipes for you to select from. It automatically sets the right temperature, humidity and timing for the chosen recipe  and  also  allows  the  further adjustments according to your preferences. Perfect for last minute home entertaining sessions.

This state-of-the-art appliance will be launched in Singapore in September 2018. For more information, tel: 6727 3699 or visit

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