What to buy at Mahota Market

Organic produce? Natural ingredients? They've got it all

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Located just a short walk from Lavendar MRT station, Mahota Market is part of an expansive lifestyle concept space that takes up the entire third floor of Kitchener Complex on French Road. The 20,000 sq ft Mahota Commune comprises a grocery store stocking organic produce and health food, a restaurant, a café, a traditional Chinese medicine clinic, an activity studio that hosts meditation and yoga classes, a childcare centre, as well as an event space that sees weekend markets and pop-up stalls that peddle items that are in line with Mahota’s sustainable and communal healthy living ethos.

The Mahota Market section offers a wide range of responsibly organic and natural produce and products. From eco-friendly household items to organic and biodynamic wines from all over the world, from free-range, hormone-free pork and chicken and organic beef to fresh seasonal produce brought in twice a week direct from the organic Mahota Farm in Shanghai, there’s much to fill your shopping baskets with here. And lest you think that “organic” equates to “expensive”, Mahota Market’s prices are reasonable. Signing up for a membership at Mahota Commune will not only give you a further discount at the market but also allow you to enjoy benefits across its other spaces.

Stock your pantry with these items

Cerena honeydew honey

Cerana honeydew honey

No, this is not honey made from the flower nectar of the honeydew fruit plant. Honeydew honey is actually made from the sweet secretions of insects that feed on plant saps. Bees feed on this sugar-like secretion to make a highly nutritious honey that contains higher antioxidant, antibacterial activity level, mineral content, amino acids, and more therapeutic benefits than most regular flower honey.

 ice plant from Mahota Farm

Mahota Farm organic produce – iceplant

When plans to start a farm in Singapore proved challenging, the folks behind Mahota Commune started an organic farm in Shanghai, China five years ago. The 33 hectare Mahota Farm practises sustainable agriculture and grows a wide variety of certified organic produce that are brought direct into Mahota Market twice a week. One such vegetable is the ice plant, a leafy succulent that appears to be covered with tiny droplets of ice crystals. Crispy, juicy, and with a slight saltiness, the ice plant can be consumed in a variety of ways, including raw in salads, brewed as a tea, and even stir-fried.

Wei Jung Sauceco seaweed paste

Nori, or seaweed, is high in fibre, chlorophyll, carotene and plenty of vitamins, providing many nutritional attributes alongside a punch of flavour. This seaweed paste is rich in umami and can be used to make soup stock, stirred into rice and porridge, and flavour stir-fries. You can even make your own seaweed butter! Think of it as vegemite from the sea.

Three Twins ice cream from Mahota Commune

Three Twins Organic Ice-Cream

California-based organic ice cream company Three Twins was founded on the principle of crafting delicious and wholesome ice cream using farm-fresh milk churned with organic natural ingredients like coffee, strawberries, or lemons. Our favourites from the Three Twins range are the creamy and sweet Land of Milk and Honey as well as the pure-tasting Madagascar Vanilla, which uses organic vanilla from Nielsen-Massey.

Mahota wines

Mahota Wine

Apart from Mahota Farm, the company also has its own winery located in idyllic Penglai, China. In 2012, seedlings of merlot, cabernet sauvignon and a variety of chardonnay were planted in the vineyards and the first grapes were harvested a year later. On the organic Mahota Vineyard, only natural fertilisers and natural means to combat pests and diseases are used. This enjoyable house wine at Mahota is made with 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet and was aged for 12 months in new French oak barrels.

Mahota Market, 809 French Road, Kitchener Complex Level 3, Singapore 200809. Tel: +65 6299 6809

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