What to buy at Taste Singapore

Taste Singapore is a gourmet grocer that believes every good meal begins with its ingredients

By SALT Magazine | 24 September, 2017 | #supermarketsunday, Ingredients
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Taste Singapore, a gourmet grocer located at the basement of Raffles Holland V
Taste Singapore, a gourmet grocer located at the basement of Raffles Holland V

Tucked away in the basement level of the new Raffles Medical building at Holland Village, Taste Singapore is an all-in-one gourmet grocer, complete with a florist atelier,  cheese room, a meat section boasting homemade sausages, a fresh seafood counter with shucked oysters (and sometimes blue lobsters). It’s basically a one stop shop for a dinner party. Besides being a mere grocer, it also houses SENS Japanese Restaurant by chef Martin Woo, should you get peckish after shopping.

Look out for premium ingredients like Savoy cabbage, fresh figs, strawberries with their stems still attached, and Belgium endives. We’ve picked out a few specialty items rarely seen in commercial hyper-marts:

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Homemade sausages

Many of the deli products here are from their parent company Swiss Butchery, so expect the sausages (from $2.70/100g)to be all made in-house, from mild veal sausages to spicy chorizo and lamb merguez — great with eggs for breakfast, or some mash and gravy for a quick dinner. They’ve also offer fresh raw sausages that cooks to a perfect texture with a delectable snap.

Taste Singapore: NOMU spice rubs
Taste Singapore: NOMU spice rubs


To complement its extensive array of meats and steaks, Taste Singapore offers a variety of seasonings, sauces and condiments. We especially liked the South African brand NOMU. The poultry rub ($8.20) is suitable for most meats and contains thyme, sage and a hint of lemon; simple and easy flavours which can transform a plain chicken breast into a gourmet dish. NOMU rubs can also be made into drizzles and marinades – simply use olive oil and a dash of your preferred rub before brushing it over vegetables or meat.

Taste Singapore Rude Health granola and muesli
Taste Singapore Rude Health granola and muesli

Rude Health Muesli

Looking for health foodstuffs? You’ve come to the right place. Pick up some Rude Health porridge, oats, granola, and nut milks. Everything’s organic, and nothing is artificial or refined. The Ultimate Muesli ($3.90 for 50g box) has 23 different ingredients crammed into one box: dried blueberries, brazil nuts, almonds, oats, barley flakes, puffed rice, linseed and apricots are just some of the wholesome ingredients you’ll notice. The small, travel-handy packaging also makes for a convenient snack.

Cebesa squid ink is intense in colour anad flavour
Taste Singapore: Cebesa squid ink is intense in colour anad flavour

Cebesa Squid Ink Sachets 

These single-serve sachets ($2.30 each) contain Spanish squid ink, which is umami-rich in flavour and gives depth to any dish it touches. If you’re wondering what you could possibly add it to, squid ink is traditionally used in pasta and risotto, but if you’re looking for a quick meal fix, adding it to home-cooked ramen imparts a subtle seafood flavour and mysterious colour that will whet your appetite.
Cottage Delight Couscous
Taste Singapore: Cottage Delight Couscous

Cottage Delight Couscous

Taste Singapore happens to be one of the few places that stock products from 40-year-old gourmet purveyor Cottage Delights. The U.K. brand is best known for their sauces, jams and pickles, although they also produce everything from confectionery to, in this case, flavoured couscous. Each 250g bag ($12.90) has couscous and dried, natural ingredients – the Mediterranean one comes with garlic, tomato, rosemary, black olives and herbs – so all you have to do is follow the instructions on the package for a quick, tasty meal.

118 Holland Avenue, Basement 1 Raffles Holland V, Singapore 278997. Tel: +65 6264 8389

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