Here’s Why You Will Love The All New Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura Singapore Edition

By Dawn Wong | 13 May, 2019 | Food, New Openings, Restaurants
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Food and Fashion meet in a bold collaboration that is nothing short of stunning and whimsical. Just don’t break those dishes.


I would be dead nervous if I were a server at this restaurant, knowing my propensity for clumsiness. What if I accidentally trip and these dishes slip from my hands and shatter? It would be criminal to destroy something as ethereally beautiful as these plates. I could not live with such a sin.


A merger between food and fashion. Seems like a tricky act on a balancing beam, but Gucci has somehow managed it beautifully. Who else right? It’s phantasmagoric. Gucci is taking the world by storm. From clothes, to homeware, there is no stopping the fashion powerhouse now. For the Gucci-obsessive in all of us, this is the next frontier.

From now to 2 June 2019, the highly anticipated Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura Singapore edition will be housed in The Arts House. The highly lauded concept was developed by Gucci, in collaboration with chef Massimo Bottura – of three Michelin-starred Osteria Francescana – for Gucci Garden in Florence, Italy. This unique restaurant marries Gucci’s visionary spirit of eccentricity with world-renowned chef Massimo Bottura’s culinary magnificence, through the unique interpretation of chef Karime Lopez.

Image courtesy of Gucci

The influence of the Gucci Garden lexicon is ubiquitous here, with flora blooming abundantly and creatures popping up everywhere, on dishes and walls. Paralleling the Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence where the Gucci Garden is located, both buildings have strong ties with the legacy of arts and culture in their respective cities. Expect an unparalleled gastronomic affair underpinned by the daring, energetic creative direction that is synonymous with the Italian fashion House. The team will create a range of signature dishes with unexpected twists that draw inspiration from Karime’s travels around the world and Bottura’s memories.

Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s wunderkind creative director who’s revitalised the fashion brand’s fortunes with his quirky decorative tropes and maximalist approach to detail has turned his talents to homeware, as seen in the delightful array of cutlery that is brilliant, whimsical and romantic all at once. To produce these porcelain pieces, Michele worked with renowned Florentine manufacturer Richard Ginori, the highly venerated Florentine company founded in 1735.

Delectable Italian signatures will be presented on plates and bowls, featuring Gucci’s Herbarium motif — a whimsical Toile de Jouy design of cherry branches, leaves and flowers inspired by a pattern previously used on other items in the House’s ready to wear collections. The collection is fabulously eclectic, full of romantic joie de vivre, with nature in a riotous abundance. Animals from the Gucci Garden are rendered permanently in porcelain, elevating their status to works of art.

While owning a Gucci bag is great, but owning some Gucci plates? Now, that’s truly winning in life. These are the dishes that would bring a true Stepford Wife to her knees in tears of ecstasy. We were close. These are the dishes I would give to mum, if I decide to throw all my practical needs out of the window (like money to eat) or if I could perhaps, successfully rob a bank.

Apart from the spectacular tableware, guests will be immersed in a gorgeous space with a contemporary Renaissance vibe, complete with the signature red Gucci Herbarium motif as a wallpaper, for a unique dining experience where fashion and cuisine intertwine.

I could wax lyrical forever about the dishes, but there’s the food.

A One-Of-A-Kind Dining Experience

Diners can select a specially curated four-course lunch, a seven-course lunch or seven-course dinner tasting menu that will showcase a selection of dishes inspired by Bottura’s travels.

Highlights include Bottura’s signature The Crunchy Part of the Lasagna, which was inspired by the crunchy top layer of his favourite childhood dish. The dish, consisting of pasta chips balanced over dollops of ragù and airy béchamel, invites diners to relive the childlike glee of scoring the very best part of a pan of lasagna. There is no denying that everyone loves the crunchy, slightly charred bits of a lasagna. Even Darth Vader. Yes, even him too.

Not forgetting his signature dish, the Holy Cannoli, a fun and whimsically named dish with a beautiful ring to it. The most iconic of Sicilian desserts, no Italian restaurant would be complete without the Sicilian Cannoli, little pastry tubes filled with a lightly sweetened ricotta filling.

The Taka Bun is a dish affectionately named after chef Karime Lopez’s husband, Japanese-born Takahiko Kondo – the sous chef at Osteria Francescana. It comprises a crisp yet tender sweet-sour pork belly, coated with umami hits of a balsamic-miso sauce, marinated coriander, yuzu, raspberry vinegar, and apple bits, sandwiched between sliced, steamed mantou buns. The dish is finished with a generous serving of crunchy red cabbage for texture and colour. Somehow, eating those buns off those gorgeous dishes (as opposed to a normal plate because #boring) made them even tastier.

The Charley Marley is a dessert that was created as a tribute to chef Bottura’s second-born son, Charlie, who loves chocolate. This rich, decadent treat layers kaya cream and dark chocolate ganache within a sandwich. Why kaya? Because chef wanted to infuse this dish with a local touch. Kaya is after all, a perennial breakfast favourite and Singapore’s affectionate answer to marmalade.

The beautiful Gucci exuberance and vivaciousness is abundant throughout the restaurant. From the food to the décor, no detail is lacking.

The food was great.

And the plates? I would steal them in a heartbeat.

Her talents/skills sets include having a bottomless pit of a stomach and doing an impressive Chinese split, attributes that will certainly make her highly sought after among employers. (Or so she hopes) She promises not to bite… unless you are a juicy piece of pork lard.