Brunch Is Served: Where To Go This Sunday

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 Les Bouchons Launches Its Inaugural Sunday Brunch Menu Inspired By The Decadence Of The French Riviera.

This Sunday, if you need to do just one thing right, it’s to roll out of bed, wear a fresh set of clothes, brush your teeth and get your gorgeous derriere to brunch. Floss your teeth if you must as well. Fine. It’s whole list of things to do (not just one), but the point is to just get out for some serious brunch.

You can pat yourself on the shoulder for not wasting your precious weekends with your face mashed in a pillow.

A clever wordsmith first pushed the words “breakfast” and “lunch” together to create the word “brunch” way back in 1895. By the 1930s, brunch was regarded as something chic in Chicago, all thanks to celebrities.

Despite all the controversy surrounding brunch, the trend still lives on. Brunch has often been labelled as “basic,” the meal is at once lauded for its brazen, mid-morning drunkenness, and derided as the latest symbol of white, millennial privilege and American gluttony. However, Instagram feeds still abound with endless pictures of Sunday brunch.

Anthony Bourdain, bad boy of the culinary world famously referred to brunch as not a “trend” but rather a money-making enterprise. In one of its more vivid passages, his book “Kitchen Confidential” portrays brunch as merely a money-making scheme, with restaurant owners preying on unsuspecting customers. Some people have even referred to brunch as orgies of overindulgence. Too harsh.

That being said, we worked hard all week. We deserve this. Shelling out $18 for eggs is a small price to pay for pampering ourselves. Even if it’s simply just an excuse to wear that new gorgeous wrap dress. (too pretty to wear to work) Call us pretentious but there’s no crime living life a little.

Champagne mimosas, Bloody Marys, Bellinis, French toast and bacon are all synonymous with Sunday brunch. Since most of us, because of punishing workaday schedules or cholesterol concerns, don’t indulge in substantial breakfasts during the week, that leisurely cross between breakfast and lunch is a popular weekend respite.

This Sunday, head down to an all new brunch menu in French style at Les Bouchons Rive Gauche, situated along Robertson Quay overlooking the scenic Singapore River. The introduction of ‘Bouchons Riviera Brunch’ at Les Bouchons Rive Gauche marks their first-ever brunch menu that caters to everyone from families with children, the health conscious to vegetarians. It offers bright and new variations on the brunch theme.

Inspired by the decadence of the French Riviera and staying true to its French heritage, the ‘Bouchons Riviera Brunch’ a la carte menu designed by Head Chef Mickael Cornac comprises 30 newly created, all-time brunch favourites including the classic French dish Eggs Mimosa, as well as a selection of popular Les Bouchons’ signatures such as Escargots De Bourgogne with garlic butter and Crepes with a choice of fine sugar, Nutella, Nutella banana or honey.

For the health conscious or vegetarians, the Quinoa Salad, Riviera Wellness Bowl made with granola, honey yoghurt, goji berries, banana, strawberries and chia seeds, and Salmon en Papillote served with green asparagus, cherry tomato confit, lemon and garlic aioli, are popular amongst those who opt for a lighter brunch option.

Satiate the inner carnivore in you with the pièce de résistance, the popular Grilled Black Angus Rib Eye Steak served with vigneron butter, mixed salad and free flow homemade french fries, or the delectable Bouchons Sunday Roast served with mushroom sauce.

Looks like calorie counting might be the only criminal offense this Sunday.

But while pancakes, eggs and roast offer the comfort of familiarity, there are those moments when only something a little different will do and we reckon that Les Bouchons Rive Gauche with their wicked Nutella crepes is pretty sweet choice.

As British author Guy Beringer once wrote, ″Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting. It is talk-compelling. It puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week. ″

Looks like we will be setting our alarm clocks this Sunday morning!

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