The Battle of the Dons: Extreme Tendon VS Supreme Udon

Take your pick between the mountain and the sea with these two seasonal rising stars of Japanese dining.

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Summer is here again, and that means seasonal food and special dishes come along for the party. We have two new seasonal dishes to satiate your summer soul this month.

Kohaku Tendon

This summer, heat things up with the Aka-Fuji Summer Spicy Tendon at Kohaku Tendon. Featuring a first-time-ever spicy sauce made with Szechuan pepper and Ma La, this tempura rice bowl is sure to give you a slow tingling numbness. But don’t worry, it’s not just all hot and no flavour; starring the best of the summer harvests including soft-shell crab, prawn and avocado, the tempura batter is pleasantly light and crispy with a tinge of sweetness, all deep-fried to perfection. Every single piece of tempura – there are 8 different ingredients – is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Of course, with all that heat, the cooling properties of the summer vegetables (bitter gourd and avocado) come in very handy to counteract. Don’t worry if you don’t like spicy food or are not feeling up to it on the day, a non-spicy variant is also available upon request, but the spicy sauce is so piquant, it is a must-try!

Truly a love letter to summer at Mount Fuji in Japan, the Aka-Fuji Summer Spicy Tendon bears an artistic resemblance to the great landmark that you’ll have to see to appreciate.

The Aka-Fuji Summer Spicy Tendon will be available from 11 June 2019 at all Kohaku Tendon outlets for $18.80++. Add it to your list today.


Eat At Seven, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #03-311

Singapore 038983

Tel: 6333 4386


133 New Bridge Road, Chinatown Point #02-34

Singapore 059413

Tel: 6443 4355


64 Circular Road, Boat Quay #01-01

Singapore 049418

Tel: 6221 8311



Tamoya Udon

Asia’s top udon chain, Tamoya Udon, is back at it again with two new seasonal dishes. This summer, Tamoya Udon introduces two new udon flavours that are guaranteed to pique the interest of udon lovers. A bowl of the Black Garlic Tonkotsu Udon ($10.80) houses a full-bodied, fragrant Tonkotsu broth that is dense with the savoury taste of black garlic. This flavour will definitely be a hot favourite, especially if you’re into Tonkotsu broths. It is flavourful and thick, undeniably umami, and it complements the fresh, expertly handmade udon noodles that are produced in-store daily.

The other flavour is a clear miso variant – the Tonjiru Onsen Udon ($10.20). As suggested by its name, this udon bowl features an onsen egg sitting wobbly on the surface of the soup. Instead of pork chunks, the Tonjiru Onsen Udon is served with soft, frilly streaks of beef that, while to the naked eye looks like the cousin of the beef used in Yoshinoya’s beef bowl, proves to be far superior to it by taste and texture. The sweetness of the beef and carrot cuts in the soup, coupled with the clear soup and subtle miso flavour, give the Tonjiru Onsen Udon a light-tummied goodness that will keep you slurping until the bowl is empty.


177 River Valley Road, Liang Court Shopping Centre #01-32

Singapore 179030

Tel: 6377 0301

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