The Artistry And Creativity Of Cooking Is Placed Centre Stage At The Newly Opened Chef’s Table

By Dawn Wong | 02 April, 2019 | #takemeawaytuesdays, Features, Food
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The staff flit about nimbly, preparing a series of carefully honed dishes right in front of guests, like a spectacular theatrical performance. A gigantic Molteni Stove in cream and brass glows warmly, taking centre stage right smack in the middle of the restaurant. It demands for your attention. This opulent object is wrapped in a smooth crescent carved from Michelangelo’s favourite Carrara marble. At the very heart of the restaurant, the focus is all on the Chef and his creations. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Lebua Hotels & Resorts continues to stay at the forefront of Bangkok’s international culinary scene with the opening of whole new dining experience, a contemporary French restaurant named Chef’s Table, dedicated to serving the finest food with the city’s best views.

Helmed by Chef Vincent Thierry, who led Caprice at the Four Seasons in Hong Kong to three Michelin stars, this new restaurant features elegant French cuisine in an interactive atmosphere. Chef Thierry and his sous chefs take centre stage in the open kitchen, set in the middle of this intimate 46-seat restaurant, in a highly interactive culinary performance. The space is boldly creative and luxuriously inviting.

The Chef’s Table features a delicious contemporary French menu, sprinkled with some European influences, featuring premium ingredients such as langoustine, turbot, lobster, foie gras and crayfish with fresh, natural and distinctive flavours. Chef Thierry’s sources for quality ingredients from France and locally, such as chocolate from Chiang Mai and cream for house-made butter from Khao Yai.

Innovation and the fine art of cooking are celebrated by placing Bangkok’s first 3-star Michelin Chef right at the heart of the dining experience. Intimacy and drama are dished out along with exquisite cuisine as circular bay windows display the panorama of Bangkok’s magnificent skyline in all its glory.

The food is thoroughly impressive, featuring eight incredibly tight, precise, and interesting courses, as part of a new tasting menu.

The night starts with a small plate of homemade crusty bread served with a generous hunk of cold, salted butter, also made by Chef Thierry himself. Though man cannot live on bread and butter alone, after an evening at Chef’s Table, you might just decide to. The bread has a slightly bronze crust and a light, stretchy interior. Slather on some of that perfectly churned butter, take a bite and feel your resolve to refuse a second helping dissolve instantly.

The Green Lentils Veloute is divine, each creamy mouthful more delicious than the previous. The dish is so appealingly redolent of black truffle, that diners inevitably mop every single bit up with slices of bread.

The Crayfish and Sweetbread is served with a briny shellfish emulsion and ravioli, explosively rich in umami. Judging from the positive responses, it is clear that most diners are particularly enamoured of this dish.

Without a doubt, the pièce de résistance is the Black Olives Stuffed Normandy Sole Fillet, and it melts delicately in the mouth, smooth like butter. The Marjoram Sauce is the perfect accompaniment to the delicate flesh of the fish.

From the journey to the restaurant, to the grand sense of welcome, every aspect of Chef’s Table is crafted with great attention to detail. This vessel of modernism certainly has institutional potential.

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