PAZZION Café Sets Itself Apart in Providing an Extended Lifestyle Experience – An Experiential Story

Rest your weary feet. Or just dress them up with new shoes next door. It’s easy at PAZZION at Jewel Changi Airport.

By Joshua Ng | 30 July, 2019 | Features, Food, Restaurants
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Say you make your way to Jewel Changi Airport for some A&W but you realise the fast food joint has a perpetual, slow queue. Your girlfriend – or insert any appropriate female character here – decides to go do some shopping while waiting for the queue to ease up. Shoes. She needs new shoes because her current ones are growing mouths of their own. But you need food; you’re famished. You go up to B1 and go around the Rain Vortex to a halt in front of a modern looking black storefront.

“Everything in moderation, except coffee and shoes” is the silent greeting of the café, seen from the neon blue sign right across from the entrance, on a picturesque wall that screams “strike a pose here!” Looking around, you find out what this place is: PAZZION Café. Your female counterpart has already gone ahead of you, in through the next door, looking for replacement footwear. Is this heaven? You wonder to yourself. It may just be, when you’re a hungry boyfriend needing a place to relax while your girlfriend shops.

The nondescript PAZZION Café sign will most likely not be the first thing you see when you walk by, but the cake displays and bright, open space. A quartet of brightly-lit vintage-style pendent lights hang warmly from the ceiling to lead you in and the aroma of freshly ground coffee wafts through the space. While making your order, you turn back as your girlfriend calls out to you for your opinion on a pair of shoes she’s trying on. Your stomach grumbles on your behalf out of hunger. You say what you need to, then turn back to your food.

Stuffed and Flaky ($16)

But what do you eat? There is so much to choose from, and they all look good. Stuffed and Flaky ($16) has perfectly done scrambled eggs topped with cut chives and stuffed in a sweet, buttery and crisp croissant. For added smoothness, a generous spread of avocado lay hidden until you cut through and eat this stuffed and flaky masterpiece.

King Prawn Linguine ($22)
Cold Truffle Pasta ($18)

You take a look at the pasta options but cannot pick between the King Prawn Linguine ($22) and Cold Truffle Pasta ($18). The former boasts of a thick, creamy sauce that doesn’t get old and tiring to eat, a generous serving of linguine prepared skillfully to the minute and golden fish roe for an added burst with each bite, not forgetting the pièce de résistance: perfectly grilled King Prawns sitting atop this throne of pasta; the latter a cocoon of delicate angel hair pasta drizzled with a generous amount of fragrant truffle oil and cooked to bring out the optimal texture and spring to the strands, complemented with pan-seared scallop for a balance in flavour and softness.

Quinoa Bowl ($18)

You could get them both but knowing your other half, she’d rather go for the Quinoa Bowl ($18) that oozes health and zen right from the outset. Served in an earthen bowl, a bed of protein-packed quinoa is layered with ‘pillows’ of lightly grilled salmon, freshly sliced avocado and lime that encase a wobbly poached egg.

French Toast ($17)

You make your choices and savour this hearty meal. The food items don’t just look good, they TASTE amazing. Then, you’re enticed by PAZZION Café’s French Toast ($17) – two slices of fluffy French Brioche, butter-toasted to golden-brown excellence and served with caramelised banana slices and a refreshing poached pear in a bed of fresh berries and light anglaise sauce. The pear is just exquisite.

On top of all the delectable food offerings, PAZZION Café’s coffee is locally roasted and brewed extremely well. Each cup yields a creamy mouthfeel without overpowering bitterness. A range of smoothies (the avocado smoothie will bring people back) and beverages are offered, including some craft beer from a local brewery.

Both you and your girlfriend leave happy, both desires placated, and you start thinking that next time, you might just encourage shoe-shopping for this purpose.


78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport #B1-243, Singapore 819666

Tel: 6876 9138

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