JAM At SIRI HOUSE Is The Newest And Coolest Hang Out Spot.

The Chicken in a Biscuit is to die for.

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The Chicken in a Biscuit was phenomenal to say the least. Like a child stealing cookies from the cookie jar, I could go at this all night. One biscuit after another till, I was stuffed like a Christmas turkey.

What sorcery is this?

Former Lolla Head Chef and current co-owner of Park Bench Deli, Ming Tan says the inspiration behind these conspiratorially addictive chicken biscuits were his childhood favourite snack. You know the one in the blue box called chicken-in-a-biskit, originally produced by Nabisco. Salty nuggets of goodness that we couldn’t stop snacking on at the playground as kids. The perennial lunch box favourite. This version is made up of chicken fat cookies with garlic and ginger cream cheese and crispy chicken skin. Everything that sounds like heart attack waiting to happen (but it probably won’t). It is unapologetically indulgent, and those calorific properties are as rapturously embraced as creed.

This is a bit of a cult item. To try them is to love them. The plate is great as long as you share – they are hard to stop eating once you start. But with food that tastes as good as this, who really wants to share? ALL MINE.

This was only the starter, but it set the tone for the meal, the way a good prologue would pique a reader’s interest in a novel. The rest of the meal certainly did not disappoint either.

JAM at SIRI HOUSE sits as part of SIRI HOUSE Dempsey, a creative lifestyle nexus that brings together art, people, culture, design, food and music. While guests indulge in the lovely dining options at the restaurant, they can also enjoy an art space and shop celebrating Thailand’s hot list of young artists and designers. As an extension of Sansiri, SIRI HOUSE embodies a lifestyle message that inspires and resonates with the modern, well-travelled cosmopolite. JAM at SIRI HOUSE is both welcoming and inviting while curating a luxurious dining experience that loses all the constrictions and stuffiness of formality.

Have the thick cut Scallop Carpaccio, paired with yuzu and truffle dressing, sauteed spring onions and spring onion oil. Kizami kombu and trout roe provide a final savoury hit. The Sichuan inspired Hasselback Potatoes with mala mayo and salted beef lardons are miniature works of art, drawing appreciative glances from all diners.
These potatoes are offered alongside a mean Bikini Sandwich stuffed with multiple cheeses, cured meats and black truffle.

The Fried Chicken showcases chicken oysters, one of the most prized parts of the chicken. They are dry brined before being tossed in seasoned flour, fried and paired with lemon, sage and a dill, garlic ranch dressing. Not to be missed is the Prime Rib, reverse seared in an oven on low heat to intensify the flavours in the crust before being finished on the charcoal grill. It is gloriously dressed with a shio kombu butter and a salsa verde before serving.

The Pappardelle in a Crustacean Sauce epitomizes decadence on a plate. The restaurant’s pièce de résistance is a tangle of perfectly chewy, handmade pasta tossed in a lobster and prawn reduction and topped with charcoal grilled mussels and juicy tiger prawns. It is a real crowd-pleaser and easily the most popular dish in the house. The verdict? Sold.

Inspired by the modern Asian family table, dishes traverse geographical boundaries and are an eclectic mix of flavours and influences. The culinary team injects a dose of playfulness to the menu with familiar tastes presented in fun and imaginative styles. However, despite the tongue-in-cheek casualness, these are dishes that take themselves seriously and everything on the plate has a purpose. Garnishes are not just simply a careless afterthought, but they are meant to highlight the visual aspects of the dish. This is luxury that is affordable and accessible.

The convivial atmosphere replicates the idea of going to your favourite foodie friend’s (atas) house for a gathering. If you don’t have such (high SES) friends (with nice houses), JAM at SIRI HOUSE is just as sweet too.

Her talents/skills sets include having a bottomless pit of a stomach and doing an impressive Chinese split, attributes that will certainly make her highly sought after among employers. (Or so she hopes) She promises not to bite… unless you are a juicy piece of pork lard.