Komasa Gin – The Pinnacle of Refined Japanese Taste

Ambrosia crafted from the World's smallest satsumas.

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Komasa Gin prides itself as a perfectly blended, crystal clear bottle of gin that delivers a crisp, refined flavour to the very last drip. Made primarily with the world’s smallest satsumas harvested from the South of Japan known to the locals as Sakurajima Komikan, this finely crafted Japanese gin from Kagoshima, Japan is introduced by Komasa Jyozo, a company with over 130 years of experience in finely crafted shochu under its belt. A minimalistic yet positively easy spirit to drink, Komasa Gin yields a crisp, dry taste characteristic of great gin, with a gentle citrus twist, promising a sweet and fruity note to the taste.

Unsophisticated Yet Extraordinary

There are only 3 main ingredients in Komasa Gin: Sakurajima komikan, juniper berries and coriander. These are individually steeped in rice shochu. The result is then distilled out and blended according by precise proportions to produce this splendid spirit.

The Sakurajima Komikan

The world’s smallest ‘mikan’, or orange, hails from Mt. Sakurajima in Kagoshima, Japan. This little fruit is of great import to the region as the soil on the mountain is unsuitable for the cultivation of rice crops due to the volcanic ash from the mountain. Despite its diminutive stature, this bite-sized fruit definitely packs a punch.

Sold in clear glass bottles plugged with a cork at the neck, the Komisa Gin is an image of fine Japanese craft and a symbol of unsophisticated perfectionism. Komasa Jyozo recommends mixing the spirit with soda or tonic water.

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