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All things gin at Juniper Society
All things gin at Juniper Society

Did you know that in one of the very first known recipes for gin, a grape-based spirit was used instead of grain? Dating back to 1495, this recipe used wine as a base together with botanicals such as nutmeg, galangal, and cardamom amongst others; and was the inspiration for the folks behind G’Vine gin’s project Gin 1495, where they recreated the exact recipe. All these fascinating gin facts and the exclusive opportunity to be the first in Singapore to sample this gin, were privy to the first members of ATLAS bar’s Juniper Society, when it was launch in mid-September.

Master of Gin, Jason Williams at the foot of the gin tower
Master of Gin, Jason Williams at the foot of the gin tower

Known for its gin tower of over 1000 gins collected from around the world, ATLAS bar's exclusive gin members club, the Juniper Society is a must-join for any lover of gin. Through a wonderful array of regular gin events, the society hopes to engage both the gin aficionados and those simply gin curious to discover all things gin. Learn about the history, provenance, ingredients, flavours, and uses in the world of this juniper spirit while tasting the ever-growing range of gins available at the bar.

For just $100, you’ll be able to get a lifetime membership to the Juniper Society, entitling you to exclusive invitations to Juniper Society events, a personalised welcome gift of an ATLAS Juniper Society Pin, and a welcome drink at ATLAS.

Happening every first Tuesday of the month, Juniper Tuesdays will see a gin tasting session and social hour for members, led by a member of ATLAS’ expert team: Master of Gin Jason Williams, Head Bartender Roman Foltan or Gin Researcher Jonathan Teo. Members can also look forward to unique masterclasses, new gin launches, workshops, exhibitions, special gin dinners and more.

Some upcoming exclusives members can already look forward to are the launch of G’vine updated bottle design on 24 October 2017; the launch of the new Citadelle Gin bottle on 26 October 2017, when Master Blender, president and founder of Maison Ferrand Alexandre Gabriel will be present; as well as a signature event as part of Gin Jubilee in November.

Jason Williams, ATLAS' Master of Gin
Jason Williams, ATLAS' Master of Gin

No one is more excited for the Juniper Society than Jason Williams. For Williams, his title as Master of Gin at ATLAS comes from amassing accolades like International Bartender of the Year finalist and winner of the Beefeater 24 Global Bartender Competition 2013. He’s also co-created an award-winning gin for Australian distiller Four Pillars and boasts an intimate knowledge of this juniperously delicious liquid. Putting together ATLAS' massive gin collection and setting up the Juniper Society has been a labour of love for Williams. We get him to share what some of the rarest gins are in the ATLAS gin tower and how he likes his gin.

How long did it take the team to amass your 1,000+ bottle gin collection and which gin was the hardest to source?

We started the procurement process for the ATLAS gin collection well over a year ago. Some of the hardest gins to source were those from a speciality vendor in London and also some of the South American gins were really quite hard to get.

 What are some of the rarest gins in the collection?

We have a London dry gin from 1910 called Bell Sec and a few seasonal and special release gins that are made especially for the bars around Christmas time and seasonal occasions. Four Pillars also does a limited edition yearly gin.

What is your personal favourite gin, what style of gin do you like?

I like a classic juniper-forward London Dry Gin, but also like some spiciness, from different peppers or spices.

What is your favourite gin cocktail?

A Corpse Reviver # 2 – gin, orange curacao, aromatised wine, fresh lemon and a hint of absinthe.

ATLAS' Gin Tonica
ATLAS' Gin Tonica

Everybody knows gins go with tonic, but how else would you recommend people appreciate gin?

It goes well with other mixes too! East Imperial Thai Dry Ginger Ale is really good with a citrus-forward gin. I also like drinking gin with coconut water too with a little lemon.

What are you most excited to share with members of the Juniper Society?

Getting them first access to new gins, meeting gin luminaries from around the world and generally just sharing some knowledge about gins they may not have had.

If you could make an ATLAS bar gin, what botanicals would you use and why?

That’s a big question! I really like grains of paradise and cardamom for some extra spiciness.

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