More than staying hydrated

Water is necessary for survival, but did you know that there’s more to just getting your daily recommended eight glasses of water?

Hydration is one, but aside from keeping our bodily functions at optimal levels, water also flushes out waste products, keeping our digestive system running well and skin clear. 

If you are feeling tired, cranky, constipated, or having poor skin conditions regularly, perhaps try chugging more water or having more foods with higher water content - these are all tell-tale signs that you are having insufficient water in your body. While your daily recommended eight glasses of water include all liquid consumed, such as soups, nut milks, juices, porridge, and more, good ol’ plain water is still king. In particular, forget green juices that promise to flush out toxins from your body while squeezing dry your wallet - stick to water instead. Pick the wrong juice and you may just end up with “sugary water with some vitamins” which honestly, does you more harm than good.

Supercharge your daily sips

Singaporeans are living longer but spending more time in ill health, perhaps partly due to the amount of sugary drinks littered throughout our day-to-day lives. Life expectancy has seen an increase to 84.8-years-old, but these folks are also seeing an average of 10.6 years in ill health - 1.5 years longer than they did 30 years ago. With increasing cases of diabetes due to all the high fructose beverages around, and various ailments and diseases from having low metabolism and antioxidants in the body due to nutrient loss from pasteurization, it may be time to consider supercharging your daily sips with Entropy’s anti-oxidizing energy appliance. 

The sleek appliance, created by a Singapore-based green technology company after spending over US$50 million in research and development, releases ultra-low frequency (ULF) electromagnetic waves to provide an anti-oxidizing, energizing and taste-enhancing effect on your drinks.

A shortcut to a healthier you?

Get up to three times more antioxidants in a sip with Entropy’s technology that promises to neutralize free radicals and reactive oxygen species to prevent them from damaging your cells. 

Tap water goes from zero Total Anti-oxidizing Potential Energy Capacity (TAPEC) to a score of 160 TAPEC after Entropy’s treatment.

The best part? You can treat more than just tap water with the appliance.

Red wine and tea, which are known for their anti-antioxidant properties, already have a pretty high TAPEC scores of 206 and 267. The scores increase to 234 and 400 respectively after treatment. Cocoa and fresh milk increases from 117 each to 500 and 320 respectively after passing through the appliance. Hot cocoa for breakfast, anyone?

If you’re still wondering about the benefits of antioxidants, just know that they are vital in preventing free radicals from damaging cells which may lead to heart diseases, cancers, inflammation, and accelerated aging. Ever heard of the Sirtfood diet, or also known as singer Adele’s rumoured weight loss program? It’s adding antioxidant-rich foods, like dark chocolate and red wine, to your daily meals to decrease inflammation in your body and rev up benefits like fat loss. Have your daily sips with Entropy and you can get all the benefits without even going on or sticking to a diet.

Entropy can also provide direct antioxidizing metabolic energy supply by up to 3.9 times. Plenty of diseases and disorders are caused by poor metabolism such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood glucose, low immunity and accelerated aging. With Entropy, even your daily nightcap of whiskey can be supercharged from 10 Anti-oxidizing Metabolic Redox Energy (AMRE) to 49 AMRE. Even your daily cuppa joe increases almost twice, from 38 to 61 AMRE, after Entropy’s treatment.
A supercharged metabolism rate with just sips of your favourite beverages to start and end your day with? Yes, please.

Infused energy for all the added benefits

Entropy infuses ‘energy’ into beverages through their patented ULF electromagnetic waves. Water molecules get energized, thereby creating water clusters with free electrons (also known as energy) around them.

Upon consumption, the free electrons work to power anti-oxidizing functions and supercharge metabolism in our bodies. Through the process, our beverages not only get infused with anti-oxidising and supercharged metabolism benefits, their tastes also get enhanced by reducing any rough or bitter taste (astringency).  It does so by binding the tannins and proteins in your beverages and with that, the tannins can no longer bind with your saliva protein anymore, thus leaving a smoother mouthfeel. The throat-burning sensation you get from whisky and wine is also mitigated through Entropy as it binds the alcohol, flavonoids and other content in your whisky together. So, when the alcohol hits your throat, your throat no longer detects the burning sensation.

Don’t just drink to survive; drink your way to a healthier life. Cheers!

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