Wines by Emoji: Vinomofo

Wines described using Emojis, because who has the time – or sobriety – to read long tasting notes?

By Joyce Huang | 16 August, 2017 | #thursdaytipples, Boozy, Drink
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In this edition of our regular Emoji tasting notes column, we pick three bottles from Vinomofo, an online wine store that originated from Adelaide, Australia. To spice things up a lil’, we’ve enlisted the help of Justin Dry, one of Vinomofo’s co-founder, to describe three picks from Vinomofo’s Collaboration series. This Collaboration series sees the company joining forces with their favourite winemakers across Australia to make some very interesting wines only available through the Vinomofo site. Find out more about these wines in the video below:


Bisou Bisou Blanc de Blancs NV ($30)

Made together with the team at De Bortoli, this sparkling wine from Yarra Valley is creamy, with a lovely texture and full of lemon zest and apple notes. Lip-smackingly addictive, this wine is aptly named “Bisou Bisou” or “kiss kiss” in French.

Best for: “It’s a breakfast drink, I reckon it’s a late-night drink; it’s great with seafood, it’s great with oysters, I think it’s great with everything!” – according to Justin.

Wine 1 Vinomofo Bisou Bisou

Mimi Flamingo Chardonnay 2016 ($40)

The premium Chardonnay of the Collaboration series, Mimi is named after a magical pink flamingo who goes on a wonderful journey in search of Arcadia. This gloriously elegant wine has zips of brioche, white peach, and even oysters, taking you on that same magical and majestic journey to Arcadia with each sip.

Best for: When you want to escape into your magical wonderland of unicorns and rainbows, where you have the ability to drink as much Mimi Flamingo without getting drunk. No need to search for Narnia inside your wardrobe, just crack open one of these beauties.

Wine 2 Vinomofo Mimi Flamingo

Duck Sauce ‘The Don’ Pinot Noir 2015 ($35)

The grapes that went into this single vineyard Pinot Noir was sourced from winemaker Andrew Santarossa’s Langbrook Vineyard, in Upper Yarra Valley. Thanks to the region’s cooler climate, this red wine packs a punch of intense raspberry, dark cherry, and black spice flavours, all wrapped up in silky tannins. Definitely a wine with attitude.

Best for: Pairing with duck and any savoury game. Or when you have that cool friend you’d like to impress. This is the wine equivalent of street cred.

Wine 3 Vinomofo The Don

Vinomofo is an online wine store experience that was founded in Adelaide, Australia. The company works directly with the best producers in the world to curate a choice selection of wines that are then sold at great value on the online store. Vinomofo members – endearingly referred to as mofos – are able to access some of the most epic wine deals. With the aim of making wines cool, fun, and enjoyable by all, Vinomofo has expanded into New Zealand and Singapore, with plans to expand further internationally into Hong Kong, U.K. , United States and China over the next two years.

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