New Cocktail Menus To Quench Your Thirst

New Cocktail Menus To Quench Your Thirst 5
Summerlong's Trojan Finale


While those balmy evenings away with Summerlong's updated cocktail menu. Get those beachside vibes with refreshing tipples like the Summerlong Spritz ($14/glass, $50/jug), a take on that ubiquitous Mediterranean drink with vermouth, grapefruit, and tonic water. Other highlights include the Apple Tree ($21), a twist on an Old Fashioned concocted with apple, cinnamon, whisky, and angostura bitters; as well as the Trojan Finale ($17)—a perfect way to end your meal with a complex, spirit forward glass of coffee liqueur, Rosso vermouth, and bourbon lifted with a salted pistachio dust rim. For a tropical treat, try the Punch of the 300 ($20), a riff on the classic planter's punch with bergamot, spices, pomegranate, and the restaurant's signature Greek tea—a blend of mountain tea, flowers and sage.

60 Robertson Quay #01-04, Singapore 238252. Tel: +65 6235 1225

New Cocktail Menus To Quench Your Thirst 3
Anti:dote's Sung Yang Gwa


There's something for everyone—except children, of course—on Anti:dote's new cocktail menu. Head crafts(wo)man Bannie Kang presents a refreshed menu of tipples that spans various flavour profiles and drink strengths. For those abiding by the vegan code there's the Atlantis Lea ($23), a refreshing sea-inspired drink with tequila cucumber, lime juice, dill and aquafaba foam (replacing egg whites). For everyone else hoping to feel the ocean breeze, there's Lord Kane ($23), a Tiki-type drink with white rum, salted pineapple and lavender-coconut syrup, finished with amazake which lends the tipple a smooth, creamy texture. Craving something strong? The spirit-forward Philoso’Me ($25) combines dark rum, sherry, mescal and Campari for a savoury, smoky spin on the negroni. When creating her cocktails, Kang also draws heavily from her personal experiences, like with the Sung Yang Gwa ($25): This drink finds its roots in Kang's South Korean upbringing—where they drink a tea made from cinnamon, ginger, brown sugar, and dried persimmon during the mooncake festival—and features a heady mix of osmanthus, VSOP congac, angostura bitters, and absinthe, all cradling wolfberries and red date ice jelly cubes. To snack on with your drinks are new bar snacks and tapas (from $12) from head chef Tryson Quek, including oysters with pickled seaweed and burnt butter caviar ($25/6, great with the previously-mentioned Atlantis Lea and Lord Kane); as well as a vegetarian beetroot, burrata, manuka honey, and edamame tart ($16).

Fairmont Singapore 

Level 1, 2 Stamford Road, Singapore 178882. Tel:+65 6431 5315

New Cocktail Menus To Quench Your Thirst 7
Operation Dagger's Moscow Mule

Operation Dagger

The stalwart of Singapore's craft cocktail/speakeasy bar scene unveils a new seasonal menu inspired by bartender/owner Luke Whearty's travels. A visit to his mother's birthplace in Cyprus resulted in the No. 17/18 Cyprus Hill  cocktail, which features highly personal, yet Mediterranean flavours—figs, mandarins and jasmine, which were all found in the house's garden when Whearty visited. Other travel-inspired highlights include the Moscow Mule, a kvass-inspired drink with little in common with the classic cocktail of the same name. A visit to Moscow, and a meal there with kvass, blackcurrant juice, and coriander-studded dark rye formed the beginnings of this tipple featuring blackcurrant, fermented rye, and coriander seeds.

#B1-01, 7 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069791. Tel:+65 6438 4057

New Cocktail Menus To Quench Your Thirst 2
Fat Prince's Prima Donna

Fat Prince

Contemporary Middle Eastern joint Fat Prince has launched a refreshed cocktail menu, with exciting new drinks and a range of tipples centered around raki, the anise-flavoured spirit that's widely considered to be the national drink of Turkey. Herbs and aromatics also feature heavily on the new menu, in drinks like Caesar’s Last Word, a tipple of thyme-infused gin, yellow Chartreuse, and maraschino liqueur. For a caffeinated pick-me-up, ask for the Mad Man, a rich concoction of white rum, Becherovka, caramelised stout, wine reduction and coffee. For raki-based cocktails, there's the Phoenician Dreams, a sours-style cocktail with raki, Gran Classico, berries, lemon and egg white; and the Karakoy Nightcap, a heady mix of tequila, grape raki, Maraschino liqueur, and sweet vermouth. For some day drinking on the down-low, head for their Prima Donna, an adult tea party featuring a teapot of gin, chardonnay, green Chartreuse, hazelnut liqueur, rosehip tagine, and cranberry bitters.

48 Peck Seah st #01-01, Singapore 079317. Tel:+65 6221 3683