New snacks, sodas and beers to add to your shopping list this weekend

Add These Items To Your Weekend Supermarket Haul

Sainsbury's products

There are even more reasons to love Redmart, what with over 320 Sainsbury's products now exclusive to the online supermarket platform. For those who love quality products at a fantastic value, by Sainsbury's - Sainsbury's core food range -  offers a wide range of everyday products. On the other hand, Taste the Difference - a premium food range - is perfect for those looking for something a little special. Caramelised onion chutney, Greek feta stuffed olives, or even a Chilean pinot noir help jazz up an otherwise plain weeknight dinner. For the health and environmentally conscious, the So Organic and Deliciously FreeFrom lines are the perfect pitstop for chemical, hydrogenated oils, and artificial flavouring-free products, as well as products that are safe for those with gluten, wheat, milk, egg, nut, and soya allergies. Even the little ones don't get left out with Sainsbury's Little Ones - Sainsbury's dedicated baby and toddler range with everything from fragrance-free potty wipes to nappy sacks and shampoo formulated for sensitive skin. With plans underway to offer even more food lines before the end of the year, be sure to keep your eye out for more on Redmart!

Add These Items To Your Weekend Supermarket Haul 1

Gusto Organic Drinks

Established in 1990 to provide healthier and wholesome beverages to customers, Gusto Organic now brings its botanicals-filled beverages for the first time to Singapore. Produced with Exmoor spring water and ethically-sourced natural ingredients, each bottle of Gusto Organic brims with robust flavours of spices and essential oils, with just a touch of sweetness provided by organic blue agave. Wonderful both on their own over some ice or as a mixer, these thirst-quenchers are available as cola-flavoured drinks (available also in a sugar-free version); herbal stimulant-infused energy drinks (in original or lemon flavour), or fruit juices such as a refreshing Sicilian blood orange juice and a fiery ginger juice. Gusto Organic drinks are now available on Redmart and gourmet purveyors such as Taste and Swiss Butchery, as well as select cafes and restaurants like Cedele, Spinelli’s and Peperoni Pizzeria.

Add These Items To Your Weekend Supermarket Haul 2

Goodieson Brewery Craft Beers

Brewing their beers in the midst of the tranquil McLaren vale, Goodieson Brewery combines time-honoured beer-brewing techniques with the best of modern brewing technology to deliver full-bodied beers with big flavours and fresh, clean finishes. Goodieson Brewery has been consistently recognised as being among Australia's best craft breweries, using only natural ingredients and no preservatives or additives in their beers. You can find a selection of Goodieson Brewery's beers at online gourmet purveyor Artisan Selections which sources small-batch, artisan produce from all over South Australia, and in the near future, from producers from all around Australia. Beers to try include the crisp and fruity Maibock, a pale medium-hopped German beer; the light and easy to drink Pale Ale, and for something a little different, the Coffee Stout - a robust drink boasting chocolatey notes of coffee and roasted malt.

Artisan Selections