Arrival of The Old Man

Placing no. 5 on last year’s list, this contender from Hong Kong finally arrives in Singapore along Keong Saik Road, elbowing its way into our nightlife capital as a formidable foe in the cocktail scene. Their name is inspired by Hemingway's famed novel, The Old Man and The Sea, drawing on old time classics and forward-thinking innovations.

Integrating museum-like decor paying homage to Hemingway with tip-top technology, The Old Man transports you into an anachronistic world where old and new clashes head on. Modelled after its flagship bar in Hong Kong, guests are greeted by a mosaic portrait of Hemingway and shelves of vintage crystal bottles and the writer’s novels as they enter. On the other hand, a customised brass column runs across the center of the bar counter; with the temperature maintained at -35 degrees Celsius, cocktails can always be enjoyed at optimal density and dilution.

Their literature-inspired concoctions feature niche and obscure ingredients you won’t find anywhere else. Of note is The Sun Also Rises, a uniquely Asian spin on the classic Negroni, featuring a tropical concoction of coconut oil fat-washed applejack, curry leaf infused gin, sweet vermouth sous-vide pandan leaves and lime kaffir. We also loved The Little Wax Puppy--a mixture of beeswax infused Michter's Small Batch Bourbon with eucalyptus honey and bitters.

Our descriptions probably do these drinks no justice. Our final recommendation? Head on down and try it for yourself. As Hemingway once said, "The shortest answer is doing the thing."