29 Questions With Dario Knox

The man behind Asia's Top 50 Bars awardee The Other Room shares his bartending secrets and his favourite Beatle.

By Weets Goh | 19 December, 2017 | Boozy, Drink, Profiles
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29 Questions With Dario Knox

Hidden away in the lobby of Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is The Other Room, a speakeasy-style bar that really doesn’t need all that hush-hush to build a reputation. Helmed by master bartender Dario Knox, the bar’s programme includes delicious, theatrical cocktails, a secret menu, and Knox’s pet project—in-house cask-finished spirits.

Nondescript barrels holding elixirs that are slowly transforming into better, different versions of themselves line the shelves around the room, while rows upon rows of the finished products line the back of the bar. There are around 150 different spirits, each given a different character through a wide range of methods: cask finishing; macerating with various spices and botanicals; and even put through the solera process, a blending and aging system similar to how sherry or balsamic vinegar is traditionally produced.

29 Questions With Dario Knox 1
The Old Fashioned Way cocktail at The Other Room

These transformed spirits also go into the extensive, themed cocktail list, where Knox recreates classic, and sometimes even historical-style cocktails. One of his personal favourites — the gin and tonic — gets an update with a liquid nitro-washed glass, homemade tonic infused with gin botanicals and a layer of citrus smoke.

True to the prohibition-inspired bar, Knox has also amassed a collection of vintage spirits which allow people to taste the exact same cocktail that would have been drunk half a century ago, including a 1970’s aviation made with gin and Maraschino liqueur from the same era (there’s also lemon in this, but it’s not from the 70’s).

The Other Room

320 Orchard Road, #01-05 Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Singapore 238865

Tel: +65 8300 6085

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