Go Green with Tavelmout Raw Spirulina

Green smoothie bowl with Tavelmout raw spirulina
Homemade green smoothie bowl with Tavelmout raw spirulina

My experience of spirulina has always been of the slightly funky green powdered variety. But Tavelmout's fresh, raw spirulina gives a whole new meaning to 'drinking your greens'. Each frozen packet has to be thawed under running water for a few minutes before it becomes a liquid that can be added to salad dressings, yoghurts, and cold-pressed juices. What's great is also that Tavelmout's raw spirulina has absolutely no smell, no taste, and can be mixed with literally anything.

As most juice guzzling devotees and detox fans would know, spirulina is a blue green algae superfood that looks like, well,  pond scum. Looks aside, it's a powerhouse of more than 60 kinds of nutrients-namely antioxidants, proteins, folic acid, minerals (like zinc and calcium), fibre, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, and K.

With its highly concentrated nutritional value, spirulina has become a main fixture within the diet plans that NASA uses for their astronauts in space. Thanks to high levels of chlorophyll, the blue-green algae is a powerful detoxifier. Spirulina is also purported to be help fight free radicals, prevent cancer, boost energy and support weight loss.

Tavelmout raw spirulina packet
Tavelmout raw spirulina comes packaged in convenient packs

Tavelmout's virgin raw spirulina is cultivated in Shizuoka prefecture in Japan (near Mt. Fuji) where mineral-rich ground water is abundant. To preserve its heat-sensitive nutrients, the spirulina has been quick-freezed while it's still fresh and alive; unlike existing commercial spirulina that have been dried and turned into powder. A high concentration of intact nutrients means that one single pack of Tavelmout spirulina (50g) contains 7200mg of B-carotene, the equivalent to 1.3kg of tomatoes.

Buy Tavelmout spirulina from Chitose Agriculture Initiative for $25 for a box (5 x50g sachets) and $90 for 4 boxes (20 x 50g sachets).