Sustenir Breaks New Agricultural Grounds Growing Strawberries and Kale in Singapore

Sustenir's kale-growing facilities

Harnessing the best of today’s technology to meet the agricultural needs of tomorrow, Sustenir Agriculture is set to pioneer vertical farming for sustainable, local food production. With the launch of its Splendid Strawberries – the first Singapore-grown strawberries – Sustenir shows how leveraging on innovative farming methods can open up endless agricultural possibilities. The use of hydroponics allows Sustenir to cultivate crops in pesticide and contaminated soil-free conditions, and without any form of haze or air pollution to boot. Complete control over external growth factors such as water and air quality also allow Sustenir to grow pristine produce all year round, perfect for import-reliant cities such as Singapore. Case in point: Sustenir’s delightfully fresh argula ($6/100g) and kale ($7/150g), which abate that need to ever reach for those small, drooping $10 bags of kale at the supermarket.

Sustenir’s farming method also guarantees zero waste production – a significant improvement on industry standards, where 33 percent of fresh produce go to waste before reaching the consumer. Each packet of Sustenir produce also displays the production date, production location and batch number, a traceability system that won Sustenir the prestigious ISO 22000 certification for its strict food management and farming processes in 2017, the first vertical farm in the world to receive such an award.

Apart from its newly-launched strawberries, Sustenir has also unveiled its new R&D lab located at JTC LaunchPad @one-north. Dedicated to exploring more efficient and sustainable agri-tech solutions, this R&D lab will focus on solving local farming obstacles such as land scarcity, and researching the best produce to supply each market, keeping the impacts of carbon footprint in mind. Another land-scarce city, Hong Kong, is also set to be the location of Sustenir’s next farm, where customised produce designed to match the local palate will be grown.

Sustenir Agriculture’s produce are available at select Cold Storage stores.