Quorn® and The Soup Spoon – An Animal-friendly Collaboration

From celebrities to athletes, households to entire organisations, consumers today are taking up more conscious lifestyle habits including incorporating healthier food options and meat-free alternatives. Quorn® and The Soup Spoon have teamed up to reimagine some classic soup dishes and whip up some new recipes.

Six seasonal meat-free soups inspired by various cultures around the world, as well as three creative meat-free renditions of The Soup Spoon’s popular classics, will be rolled out across all outlets until 25th July 2019. These 9 exclusive meat-free soup creations are chock full of nutritious ingredients. And the best part: you won’t be able to tell that it’s meat-less unless you’ve been told.

The Soup Spoon needs no introduction. Singapore’s go-to soup brand has been constantly evolving and expanding their services across the country, striving to bring quality, wholesome soups to everybody.

Quorn®, on the other hand, may not be as well known here on our sunny island as it is in the United Kingdom. Established over 35 years ago, Quorn® was founded on the basis of a ground-breaking discovery of a mycoprotein. This mycoprotein was found to have fibres that resemble muscle fibres like that of meat, which means that unlike the soy-based vegetarian food that we are used to here (from our favourite vegetarian economic noodle stalls in the markets), they have a more rigid structure and can hold their form better. Even better, these mycoprotein actually have a texture that’s very close to meat. It’s quite literally magic.

Quorn® has a range of meat-free meat options from minced meat to sausages to meat-free fried nuggets (which is apparently amazing, but I didn’t get to try) and the collaboration soups feature some of them.

The Moroccan-style Tangine ($9) is traditionally a stew with attitude. In Morocco, this stew is a way the matron expresses her love for her family. With a beautiful blend of “top of the shop” spices and a generous portion of Quorn®’s tasty meat-free mince, this stew is simmered in a fragrant and fruity broth filled with prunes, chickpeas and couscous! The result: a sweet warm stew with nice chunky bits of “meat” balanced with flavourful vegetables.

A dish born out of necessity but now transformed into a popular staple at dinner gatherings, the Budae Jjigae Korean Stew ($9) is a child-friendly soup packed with great taste and crunchy vegetables, shiitake and beancurd. This soup features the extremely swindling meat-free hot dogs from Quorn®. Don’t let these hot dogs fool you, they’re really NOT meat. I must confess I had to second guess the hot dogs and I went: “Did they add these hot dogs by mistake?”

No, they did not.

The featured soups from now until 25th July include the Konnyaku Jaga Wasabi Stew ($9.50), Italian-style Cacciatore ($9.50), Tokyo-style Stew ($8.40), SG Ragout ($8.90) and Hungarian-style Goulash ($9.20). For those who dislike the taste of wasabi, we encourage you to try the Konnyaku Jaga Wasabi Stew nevertheless. The taste of wasabi is very mild, just enough to bring out the better flavours of the spicy green root.

The Tokyo-style Stew’s “chicken” really has a good texture and look. It looks like real chicken, although the keen-eyed diner might be able to tell that the meaty striations vary. However, the mycoprotein feels and tastes like super tender, double boiled chicken.

If you’ve not ventured into the meat-free realm of food, give these soups a try today! Quorn® makes really deceiving (in terms of looks) and delicious meat alternatives that provide the nutrition and protein we require, without having to eat meat. If you’re a vegetarian and haven’t heard of Quorn®’s meat-free meats, rejoice for the future of vegetarianism is here in Singapore.

And if you're well acquainted with the brand, stay Quornscious.