No Meat? No Problem! The Peranakan's Wildly Popular Tok Panjang is Now Vegan-friendly

For the first time ever, The Peranakan restaurant, under Executive Chef Raymond Khoo, will be launching a vegan-friendly variant of their esteemed Tok Panjang experience. From as early as 3rd August 2019, choose between the Tok Panjang Bibik set and the Tok Panjang Baba set and indulge yourself in a traditional, grand long table Peranakan feast. The Tok Panjang feast is emblematic of the old days, where such extravagance was served at the turn of the century by wealthy Straits families to mark special occasions like weddings, anniversaries and important birthdays. Today, The Peranakan has made it their signature experience.

Enter the Tok Panjang Bibik set. At just under $50 per person with a minimum of two persons, enjoy dishes such as omnipork sup bakwan kepiting, kueh pie ti, ngoh hiang, omnipork buah keluak, mutton rendang, ayam pongteh, nasi ulam, chap chye, and ikan assam pedas.

For $20 more, upgrade your feast to the Tok Panjang Baba set. This set is truly fit for royalty, with everything you can find in the Tok Panjang Bibik set plus the addition of duck curry, terung with anchovies, chilli crab cakes, ladies’ fingers with anchovies and tau yu bak.

Don’t forget: there may seem to be a lot of meat on the list but this menu is VEGAN-FRIENDLY. Meats are made from plant-based ingredients and made to resemble the texture of its respective meat dish as accurately as possible. If you know about Quorn® and the range of Impossible meats, you would be no stranger to this form of food.

Omnipork Bakwan Kepiting

Plant-based omnipork is made from shiitake mushrooms, peas, non-GMO soy and rice. Featured in the Sup Bakwan Kepiting, robust meatless pork balls laced with ‘tendons’ in an elegant broth are flavoured by papayas. In their Tau Yu Bak, bean-based pork belly replete with gelatinous sections for belly fat are stewed in dark soy sauce. Nasi Ulam – a heritage dish of mixed herb rice laden with Peranakan memories and culture – would then be the dish of choice to go with your meat and curries.

Nasi Ulam

But enough about the meatless meats, The Peranakan’s vegetable dishes are just as enticing when you have the likes of Nyonya Chap Chye and sautéed eggplants topped with fried mushroom strips. Furthermore, each Tok Panjang set comes with a regal display of desserts at its denouement. Durian Pengat and various kuehs like that Kueh Bingka (made with vegan butter yet still retaining the full flavour of the original) await at the end of your feast. The chef’s dessert platter is served with home-brewed lemongrass tea infused with pandan.

Going meat-free may yet be easier than we had first conceived. Waste no more time and give the vegan Tok Panjang sets a go!

Dishes featured in the sets are also available as à la carte orders.

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