108 Matcha Saro - Premium, Artisan Matcha Desserts from Hokkaido

Hailing from the coldest city in Japan, 108 Matcha Saro has made its way down to Sunny Singapore! With their first-ever Southeast Asian outlet at Suntec City, Singapore, CEO of 108 Matcha Saro Mr Masato Yamamoto appreciates Singapore’s love for Matcha and aims to promote and raise the profile of Japanese Matcha culture here.

The bestselling item from 108 Matcha Saro, Obanyaki, gets an exclusive revamp for its Singaporean customers. Grab the limited-edition Double Chocolate Obanyaki ($3.50/piece) while you can! This special obanyaki features Matcha dough filled with a double, high-grade chocolate filling of chocolate-flavoured custard and Premium Dark Chocolate from renown French brand, Valrhona, for a perfect balance of smooth chocolate and roasted dried fruit notes with a slightly oaky finish. Worry not if that’s not to your liking, pick from one of these permutations: Red Bean Paste & Matcha Dough, Red Bean Paste & Original Dough, Matcha Custard & Original Dough, Custard & Original Dough and Red Bean Paste with Warabi Mochi & Matcha Dough.

108 Matcha Saro’s Uji Matcha powder is made in collaboration with traditional tea masters using ancient blending techniques and the highest grade of quality tea leaves from Uji. Bringing exquisite signature items to Singapore, 108 Matcha Saro promises to thoroughly please Matcha lovers and convert those who have yet to fall in love with it. As it is from Hokkaido, you would expect – or maybe hope – to see Warabi Mochi on its menu. You would also be right. Mr. Yamamoto has conferred his artistry and expertise in making this delicately soft and melty dessert to his local team. Expect to taste some of the best Warabi Mochi you can find in Singapore at 108 Matcha Saro – Matcha Warabi Mochi made from warabi starch (starch from the underground stems of a type of fern) and powdered with either Matcha powder of Kinako (soy) powder. Handmade fresh daily, customers have a choice of 8 pieces ($4.90) or 24 pieces ($12.90) and can have either flavour separately or a mix of both in their box.

Ice cream lovers jump for joy; Hokkaido Soft Serve cones in not just 108 Matcha Saro’s signature Matcha flavour, but a rich Hojicha flavour await you at $4.90 each! Choose between the two flavours, or if you can’t, DON’T. Get the best of both ‘chas’ with a 2-in-1 soft serve cone at the same price. 108 Matcha Saro’s soft serve cones are reminiscent of Japan – the kind of wafer cones that you can really only hope to find in Japan these days – a narrow, slender base that widens about halfway through into a large cone akin to that of a brass horn that catches all the melted ice cream without fear of it dripping onto your hands and clothes. The combination of divine Matcha Soft Serve and hassle-free consumption make this dessert the perfect cool-down on a hot, humid day.

Apart from these highlights, 108 Matcha Saro offers beverages ranging from classic Matcha – skilfully made with a traditional bamboo whisk by highly-trained staff – to lattes and jelly lattes. If you fancy a heavier dessert, do try their parfaits; the 108 Matcha Love Parfait ($8.50) is yet another favourite, featuring Matcha Soft Serve in a cup, encircled by Matcha jelly and Warabi Mochi, and drizzled with homemade Matcha Sauce. It is truly a decadent dessert to satisfy your Matcha hunger pangs.

Go Green, make a stop at 108 Matcha Saro today!

108 Matcha Saro

5 Temasek Blvd, Suntec City Mall #B1-K5, Singapore 038985