Smoke & Mirrors - Le Paix cocktail

The Unique Evolution of Singapore’s Cocktail Scene

World's 50 Best Tastehunter Sihan Lee takes a trip down memory lane as she explores how our little red dot’s thirst for change put us on the global cocktail city map.
Brass Lion Distillery

Raise a Glass

The story of Jamie Koh and how she set up Brass Lion Distillery is definitely something worth toasting to.
Crust beers

Beer is Ale They Need

Say "cheers" to Crust, for there's nothing stale about bread beer.
What's Your Spirit Drink - Davide Boncimino

What’s Your Spirit Drink – Davide Boncimino

Davide Boncimino is the epitome of everything Italian. Charming, sharp-dressed and eloquent, the Head Bartender of Madame Fan Bar mixes up impeccable cocktails and has an intoxicating collection of awards under his belt.
Arrival of The Old Man

Arrival of The Old Man

Hong Kong's bigwig bar finally has its first outpost in our very city.
What To Drink This Month 1

What To Drink This Month: New Cocktail Bars and Menus

Plenty of places to wet your whistle with some of the most exciting cocktail experiences in Singapore
New Bars 3

New Bars In Singapore To Sate Your Thirst

Drink fine wines, play mini golf, or imbibe in thoughtfully-prepared cocktails with these new bar openings.
Get You Drink On With These New Bars 2

Get your drinks on with these new bars

From a laid-back whisky lounge to an 80's-themed cocktail bar, there's no shortage of options to sate your thirst
Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Prosecco Wines at Fairprice Finest

How to organize your very own wine festival – with some help from Fairprice Finest

Exclusive and regularly refreshed wine selection, wine sampling, and by-invitation only premium wine fairs for Just Wine Club members at Fairprice Finest
The Guys Behind Sipsmith Gin Shares About Taking The Plunge And Making History

The guys behind Sipsmith Gin share about taking the plunge and making history

Sam Galsworthy and Fairfax Hall talk about opening the first copper distillery in London in 200 years, and the oldest gin that they've ever drunk
N Things You've Always Wanted To Ask A Whisky Master Blender

5 Things You’ve Always Wanted To Ask A Whisky Master Blender

We speak to Stephanie MacLeod, master blender for John Dewars & Sons
Martin Markvardsen and Highland Park’s 25 Year Old Single Malt Whisky 1

Martin Markvardsen and Highland Park’s 25 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Look beneath the Highland Park senior brand ambassador’s imposing veneer and find a deep passion and knowledge of whisky.
Bittersweet Symphony: Why You Should Be Drinking Amaro 6

Bittersweet Symphony: Why You Should Be Drinking Amaro

The bitter Italian liqueur is gaining traction all over the world, including in Singapore--and for good reason.
The Fizz Factor

The Fizz Factor

Rising temperatures are encouraging a brave new wave of winemaking in the south of England.
New Cocktail Menus To Quench Your Thirst 6

New Cocktail Menus To Quench Your Thirst

Get yo' drink on with these alcoholic treats that bring you on a round-the-world magic carpet ride of flavours
Nic Peterkin's L.A.S. Vino The Pirate Blend

Nic Peterkin’s L.A.S. Vino The Pirate Blend

The red wine blend that best represents the plucky Australian winemaker is named for the worldly men of the seas and gives a nod to the Portuguese grape varieties it is made of.
John Wei’s Brewlander Love Wild IPA 2

John Wei’s Brewlander Love Wild IPA

True to its namesake, the homegrown brewer’s label of choice is unpredictable, almost impossible to control, but can be hugely rewarding.
What to drink this month: Champagne, and not just the sparkling variety 4

Drink Champagne, and not just the sparkling variety

While Champagne is known for its bubblies, their rarer still wines like Coteaux Champenois offer another view of the region's winemaking
Fruiturday: the Thai smoothie craze coming to Singapore

Fruiturday: Thailand’s popular smoothie brand has arrived in Singapore

Known for their fresh quality ingredients and quirky flavours, Fruiturday's bringing the Thai smoothie craze to our island.
3 new alcohol delivery services: Whisky Master

3 New Alcohol Delivery Services

Booze right to your doorstep—just in time to stock up for the many celebrations this festive season!
Rice to Wine - before and after

A Vietnamese Rice Wine Called Ruou

Ruou was once thought of as a cheap local moonshine, but Son Tinh distillery is bringing this rice wine to the global table.
Whisky Live

More reasons to drink this November!

Whiskies, wines, rums, beers, sakes, or gins - no matter your choice of poison, these events will make sure your imbition this month is thorough
Roku Gin and Tonic with six slices of ginger

Spruce up your Gin & Tonic

Forget the usual lime or lemon peel, or even the slice of cucumber, and take your G&T game up a notch with these renditions
Join The ATLAS Juniper Society

Join The ATLAS Juniper Society

For all manner of Ginformation and Ginspirations
The bar at ATLAS

Inside ATLAS’ Champagne Cellar

ATLAS is known for stocking over 1,000 plus gins from around the world, but take a peak underneath it's impressive gin tower and you'll discover a treasure cellar of rare, fine and expensive Champagnes.
Propeller's Mozart

5 New Cocktail Bars To Check Out

Time to get a drinky drinky at these new cocktail bars
Wines by Emoji: Vinomofo 1

Wines by Emoji: Vinomofo

Wines described using Emojis, because who has the time – or sobriety – to read long tasting notes?
The Chita Single Grain Whisky

Whisky Updates, Distilled For Your Pleasure

News on single grain whisky, American whiskeys, and new bars for all you whisky lovers.