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“Not another food website”, you groan. Wait, we promise we ARE different. Salt Magazine is a multi-platform gourmet media brand that is moving forward with new media trends and aims to continue boosting its dynamic online and video content. We are dedicated to covering news on food and drinks in Singapore and the South-East Asian region. Ultimately, we hope to create a discerning community to appreciate the provenance, the artistry and the conviviality of dining. So why the name SALT? As an essential ingredient in cooking, salt brings together, accentuates, and enhances flavours. In the same way, SALT magazine aims to bring out the best in food journalism with culinary prose, evocative photo-essays, and inspiring reads chronicling the way the world eats and drinks. Also, we thought the name “SALT” sounded cool. On print, we embrace tantalising long-form while up-to-minute dining news will be served piping hot online. With equal attention paid to both print and online platforms, SALT has an offbeat attitude that will inject a fresh new spirit to food content.

So come sit at our table and eat with us. Oh yes, and pass the salt please.